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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

If images below are familar to you and you ever wondered how to fix it permanently, instead of asking content developers to manually remove Object Images from the SAP Enable Now bubbles, then I probably have a simple solution.

Hey, Object Images, pimp my bubbles!

Fix, that we'll apply impacts only specified workarea, not a whole SAP Enable Now system, but we all know how to copy resources between workareas, right? 😉

First we need to locate Recording Dictionary resource called Simulations, start editing it, then right-click on it and select Open Folder. If you use custom Recording Dictionary as a default, then please start editing yours.

Second, locate file(s) with the language(s) you use in you projects in the opened folder. In my example I will change the file responsible for English-US language texts (trans_en_US.txt).

Third, in this file you need to replace [B_NAME_ICON] strings with [B_NAME]. B_NAME_ICON inserts an object name accompanied with that object image (icon) that makes our bubbles look pretty big and sometimes not lovely at all. If you have Notepad++ you can replace [B_NAME_ICON] with [B_NAME] in all files inside that folder without opening them.




In addition you can also replace Transaction box with a Transaction field. 80% of my customers were not happy with "box".



Once you did that, please save and close your modified file(s) and return back to Producer. Because we made changes on the file system level, Producer doesn't know that resource has been changed and new version must be uploaded to the server. To inform Producer about that, right click on the Simulations dictionary (in my case) and select Refresh Object

After that green pencil icon on your resource will change to the purple asterisk meaning that now Producer knows about your changes. Finish Editing, Save under a new version, enjoy bubbles free of Object images.

In case you want to add an object image manually in some cases, please do it using the Insert Placeholder command in the HTML Editor.

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