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As part of SAP SuccessFactors’ commitment to provide  our customers with the tools and innovations needed to deliver exceptional employee experiences, we are pleased to announce several  enhancements to the Talent Pools, Calibration, and Career Development Planning capabilities in SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development.

Talent Pools now offers the ability to include additional criteria (up to 15 fields from the employee profile), as well as add, remove or rearrange columns for better sorting and filtering of nominees. Many of our customers have global talent pools but need the ability to view a subset of employees, perhaps from a certain location or division. With the ability to filter, sort and search across talent pool nominees, our customers can provide more targeted and accurate results.

In Calibration, we have updated the Executive Summary view to enable our customers to drill down to get details around calibration data instead of seeing the information only in aggregate.  They can simply click on the aggregate data (whether it be a chart, percentage, etc.) to access detailed employee information.  By providing more information, they can make better informed decisions, including those around rating adjustments, which cascades down the organization.  There is no limit on the drill down page, meaning customers can see a large number of employees and their rating information.

With Career Development Planning, employees now have the ability to complete assessments for their current role in both the Goals Form and the Career Worksheet. With this enhancement, employees can be directed to the Career Worksheet section for all their personal development needs and activities. Career Worksheet can become the central starting point for employees to determine how they’re performing in their current role, and what development activities they need for their next desired role.

For more information on these and other enhancements to the SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development solution this quarter, please view the Release Information Webinar.

And to see what’s coming in future release, please see the SAP SuccessFactors Roadmap.