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New! 2108 In-App Tutorial Updates for Cloud Solutions

What is happening?

The 2108 tutorials will be published to the Web Assistant on August 4th.

The content from previous releases will no longer be copied when publishing.

Instead, existing objects from the 2105 release will be updated to become 2108 objects.


Why is this happening?

This has been requested multiple times by internal teams as it simplifies the publish process and speeds up the production process.


What are the changes?

See the  Release Change Report - projected 2108 for planned changes per solution.


When will this happen?

On August 4th, the 2105 objects will be updated and published for the 2108 release.

After this happens, the need for 2105 versions no longer exists. We will publish these 2108 versions for 2105 as well, if there are still systems on the WebAssistant version from 2105, these then get the 2108 content displayed.


Is this the new process for every release?

Yes, from the 2108 release onwards, we will have stable links for tutorials, packages and the content library for:


  •  SAP S/4HANA Cloud,

  •  SAP Ariba,

  •  SAP Integrated Business Planning,

  •  SAP Marketing Cloud and

  •  SAP Sales Cloud.


The same process is planned for the next SAP SuccessFactors release 2111. This doesn't apply for SAP S/4HANA on premise releases.


Do I need to make any changes?

You no longer need to change the link in your documents or systems for each release.

The new and updated tutorials and packages become available on RTC date, replacing previous learning assets with the new versions, using the same links.
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