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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
It’s that time of year again to talk about the “Must Know” new Employee Central features coming in the 2H 2023 release. I have consolidated a list of features that are important in this release for Employee Central Core and Time Off. Each of the features listed below will also include links to related information that will provide additional details regarding that specific feature, and I highly recommend you review the What’s New Viewer for details on all 2H 2023 enhancements available in this release. 

Employee Central Quick Actions
Feature Name Reference Number
Employee Central Quick Actions for Employee and Manager Self-Services ECT-216101

You can now define Employee Central Quick Actions using templates for commonly used Employee Self-Service and Manager Self-Services. Using the templates, you can tailor use cases for your company and country/region-specific requirements.

A template allows you to combine the relevant fields from multiple data models for the same base entity that are required for a specific use case as well as limit the number of fields shown to the user to the ones relevant for a given use case. For each pre-delivered use case, you can create up to 5 templates. Each Quick Action allows a definition of 5 standard and custom fields (including country/region-specific fields) in total, as well as the effective date field.

Employee Central Quick Actions are also available in MS Teams & Work Zone Cards in this release:

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Business Rule Enhancements
Feature Name Description Reference Number Related Information
Enhancements to Employee Central Rules We've made a few changes to working with rules in Employee Central. ECT-217858

Additional Application-Specific Rule Scenarios We are delivering additional application-specific rule scenarios for various modules in the SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite: Trigger Rules for Off Cycle Event Batch VRP-13476

Warning Message When Creating a Rule for the Basic Rule Scenario When you select the Basic rule scenario to create a business rule, you now receive the warning that the Basic rule will be deprecated and that you should choose an application-specific scenario instead. You should only continue with the Basic scenario in cases where none of the application-specific scenarios meet your needs. RUL-10100

Deprecation of Basic Rule Creation The possibility to create new rules using the 'Basic' scenario will reach the end of maintenance on November 17, 2023 and will be deleted on June 2, 2024. RUL-9869

Enhanced Rule Handling for Event Reason Derivation and Workflow Derivation Rules We have updated the order in which the system processes the event reason derivation rules and workflow derivation rules that are created from their specific rule scenarios. ECT-221576

Person Relationship Import Supports Business Rules All onChange and onSave business rules configured for the HRIS element personRelationshipInfo now work for the data import and OData API operations of person relationship information. ECT-217194

Association Between Rules and Used Message Definitions Message definitions that are used in a rule are now stored as associations called Used Message Definitions in the Business Rule configuration. RUL-6550


Schedule Job Manager
Feature Name Reference Number
More Employee Central Jobs on Job Scheduler in Scheduled Job Manager ECT-219021

You can now create, manage, and monitor more types of scheduled jobs for Employee Central in the Scheduled Job Manager admin tool. These jobs are now available only in the Admin Center and are no longer available in Provisioning.

The following are new job types on the Job Scheduler and Job Monitor tabs:

Job Type Description Notes
Position Management Daily Hierarchy Adaptation Job When hierarchies aren't in sync, you can schedule this job to set the correct manager based on the position hierarchy. The Position Management Daily Hierarchy Adaptation Job was available on the Job Monitor tab. Now it's also available in the Job Scheduler tab.
Off Cycle Event Batch Processing Job With the help of an Off Cycle Event Batch, you can configure your system to execute a customized set of instructions in the background for transactions that are recurring. As a result, the periodic requirement for manually updating the employee records is practically eliminated. The BizX Daily Rule Processing Batch job is now renamed to Off Cycle Event Batch Processing Job.

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Time Off Enhancements
Feature Name Description Reference Number Related Information
Update to Effective-Dated Time Profile We've made some updates to the effective-dated time profile. TIM-39466

Conditional Custom Fields Supported in Mobile Time Off Conditional custom fields are now supported in the Mobile Time Off app so that users can use the mobile app to apply for time off. MOB-63232

New Methods to Create Temporary Change in the Planned Working Time Tab and Permission Changes

The Planned Working Time tab in the Time Workbench now includes new methods for making temporary changes to an employee's work schedule.


Time Forms Generation It is now possible to generate forms using templates based on Time Management data stored in the system. TIM-38235


Employee Central Compensation
Feature Name Reference Number
New Compensation Structure Object ECT-208195

In SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, we are working to improve setting up and managing complex pay structures. This allows companies to specify pay structures for different locations, legal entities, as well as for different types of workers.

Using the Compensation Structure object in Manager Self-Services and the Compensation History UI allows you to:

  • Define a sort order of how pay components are displayed in the UI

  • Select only those pay components that are assigned to the compensation structure

  • Prevent mandatory pay components from being removed from an employee's compensation

  • Prorate compa ratio and range penetration more flexibly

We have added configuration for proration to allow you to choose between FTE, a proration factor, or no proration.

Related Information:


Pension Payouts
Feature Name Description Reference Number Related Information
Enhanced Pension Handling Using Job Information with Same Employment Former employees who are entitled a company paid pension are called pensioners. When a pensioner starts retirement, they have an inactive employment with the Retired employee status. On the event of their death, their status is changed to Terminated. ECT-218237

Deletion of Pension Payouts Settings The Pension Payouts setting in Provisioning and the Admin Center of SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central will be deleted on November 17, 2023. ECT-219350


Check Tool Enhancements
Feature Name Description Reference Number Related Information
Additional Filter in Check Tool UI It's now possible to filter your selection by Area when you execute a Check Tool run. TLS-26383

Deprecation of Old Check Tool UI The old Check Tool UI reached End of Maintenance on November 17, 2023, and will be Deleted on June 2, 2024. TLS-27108


UI Changes
Feature Name Reference Number
Minor Visual Changes in 2H 2023 KM-16542

SAP SuccessFactors made numerous minor visual enhancements in 2H 2023. Please use the What’s New Viewer Link below to review the list of documented enhancements.

Related Information:


Centralized Services – Universal Support
Feature Name Reference Number Related Information
Universal Updates for Centralized Services ECT-216114

We have introduced universal support for some of the Centralized services entities. These entities are no longer governed by the configuration option:

Universal Entities Description
Compensation Information Manager Self-Service Changes

Centralized services now universally support saving changes for Compensation Information from the Manager Self-Service page.

With the update to universal support, the Admin Center > Company Settings > Enable Forward Propagation for Compensation Information (Note: Not applicable for imports, not applicable for features where Centralized Services are enabled) setting is no longer required and removed from the system.
Higher Duties Employment Details Editing UI Save Centralized services now universally support saving changes for Higher Duties Employment Details on the Editing UI.
Internal Hire in Manage Pending Hires Tool Centralized services now universally support saving changes for Internal Hire from the Manage Pending Hires tool.
Job Information Manager Self-Service Changes Centralized services now universally support saving changes for Job Information from the Manager Self-Service page.
Job Relationships Information Manager Self-Service Changes Centralized services now universally support saving changes for Job Relationships Information from the Manager Self-Service page.
Termination Details Imports with Pension Payouts Centralized services now universally support Termination Details imports, with pension payout details.
Termination Manager Self-Service Changes Centralized services now universally support saving changes for Termination Details from the Manager Self-Service page.


 Centralized Services – Admin Opt-Out
Feature Name Description Reference Number Related Information
Centralized Services Support for Hire and Rehire Including Fixed Term Contract Centralized services now support Hire and Rehire of an employee including Fixed Term Contract (FTC). ECT-214694

Centralized Services Support Termination Details Imports with Pension Payouts Centralized services support Termination Details data imports in Full Purge mode. These services are applicable to data imports initiated from the Import Employee Data page or OData APIs. ECT-214692

Centralized Services Support Saving Changes on History UI for Dependents Centralized services are enabled by default to support saving changes on the History UI for dependents. ECT-206931

Centralized Services Support Final Approval of Workflows for Dependents When users modify dependents' information on the Editing UI and the triggered workflow is finally approved, data changes to the record are now saved on Centralized services. ECT-214171

Centralized Services Support Manager Self-Service Changes for Global Assignments Centralized services now support changes made to an employee's global assignment when changes are made in the Manager Self-Service (MSS) Take Action menu. ECT-214690

Centralized Services Support Manager Self-Service Changes for Concurrent Employment Centralized services now support adding a concurrent employment using the Manager Self-Service (MSS) Take Action Add Concurrent Employment menu. ECT-224568

Centralized Services Support Integrations with Employee Central Compensation Centralized services now support existing integrations between Employee Central Compensation and Global Benefits as well as Employee Central Compensation and SAP SuccessFactors Compensation. ECT-194595

Centralized Services Related Documentation: