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If you weren’t among the 250 people who participated in our Training and Adoption Virtual Summit, you missed a good one!  The sessions were packed with insights and information about preparing your people for an SAP project.  The good news is, we recorded it!  To help you select the ones you’d like to see, here’s my quick summary of the sessions with links for you to watch the replay.


“Training and adoption is the secret sauce.  It is foundational to the success of the project business case.”

SAP’s Rob Hartsough talks about the lifecycle of an SAP deployment from the perspective of someone who’s been there.

In his keynote, he provides an insider’s look at technology projects and leaves no doubt as to why effective training and adoption is the secret to project success.  “Projects start with a business case, and the business case is based on a level of adoption.  You won’t realize the business case if people don’t adopt,” he says.

Check out the replay of Rob’s keynote address to learn how core team enablement, change adoption, and intelligent user assistance can drive adoption and value realization in your projects.

Watch the replay

Session 1: “Preparing Your Team to Drive Business Outcomes with SAP”

Session 1: “Preparing Your Team to Drive Business Outcomes with SAP”

“Successful SAP projects happen with you, not to you.”

Achieving the business outcomes you envision requires that your team is prepared to make critical business decisions, adapt your processes to new models, and use the system effectively.

In “Preparing Your Team to Drive Business Outcomes with SAP,” SAP experts Alex Bennett and Chris DuBois explain how you can take charge of your project, using our portfolio of training and adoption solutions prepare your teams to perform.

Watch the replay

Session 2: “Effective Strategies for Core Technical Team Training”

“When you enable and empower your core team with information that they are going to need to make informed decisions throughout the project, but also have the ability to support the system and your software applications after go-live, that’s going to be critical to the success of your project.”

SAP’s blended learning model is a proven approach to ensuring the successful enablement and upskilling of functional and technical project teams. In this session, Kristin Colón explains how to combine traditional core team training with self-paced learning that empowers individuals to be active participants in your SAP project.

Watch the replay

Session 3: “No user adoption, no ROI. A panel discussion about driving user adoption.”

“Always put the end users first…and be sure to support them long after go-live.”

It’s a fact of life in cloud deployments: If users don’t adopt the software, they won’t use it and you won’t achieve your expected ROI.  No one knows this better than our panelists, who spend every day helping clients achieve their user adoption goals.

In this wide-ranging session, SAP moderator Andy Feehan grills our panelists ꟷ Nandita Manglavil, Dirk Manuel, and Dan Brake ꟷ on the challenges their customers face and how they get them through.

Watch the replay

What’s next?

We’ve already started planning our next session, tentatively scheduled for early December.  This session builds on our September Summit with real-life stories from organizations that have used our training and adoption solutions successfully.

Stay tuned for more information!