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A colleague of mine serves as a mentor to students at a local high school here in the Bay Area, California.  Originally she signed up for this volunteer opportunity as part of SAP’s Month of Service, but since then, she’s renewed to take on another mentee, and plans to do so again.  When I asked what motivates her to go back year after year, she gave me a number of reasons – sense of fulfillment she feels when seeing growth in her mentees; learning as much from them as they do from her, etc. – but she also said something that really struck me.  She said she was “lucky” because she’s always been paired with a someone who was a good match for her, and vice versa.  But was it luck?  Sure, both she and her mentees invest a lot of time and effort into their partnership, so their hard work deserves a lot of credit, but how did they get matched in the first place?

Like most mentoring programs, participants fill out forms indicating preferences, interests and other criteria to help create the best match possible, but after that, my colleague doesn’t know how the pairs are determined.  Interestingly, she’s always given an opportunity to request a mentee, but not once has she been assigned the person she requested.  Yet, she’s always been part of a successful match.  She calls the matching process “magic.”

This reminds me of the intelligent algorithm used in the mentoring capability within SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development.  It analyzes all the data provided by mentors, mentees and other sources, to provide insight and create the best possible match between program participants.  It removes manual processes involved in creating and maintaining mentoring programs, saving time and reducing the risk of human error or bias, optimizing the chance of a successful mentoring relationship.

And this quarter, I’m excited to announce that we’re enhancing Mentoring in SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development with custom pick lists for matching program participants.  With custom pick lists you can match people based on criteria beyond what’s in an employee profile.  For example, if you have a preferred mentoring methodology (virtual or in person), or a particular interest in a wellness program.  And you can also base matches on criteria that are more targeted than before, i.e., a subset of competencies vs. all competencies enabled for your company.

This added level of detailed information enables more targeted and precise pairings, and as a result, organizations ensure better, more intelligent and dare I say “magical” mentor-mentee matches.  Again, successful mentoring requires time and effort on the part of the program participants, but it needs to start with the right match.  Without it, the mentoring partnership will disappear into thin air.

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