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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

In this recording we look at how to work with CSV uploads when using the Manage Document Visibility feature of SuccessFactors.

This feature can be particularly helpful for Performance and Compensation administrators to "mass clean up" the Completed folder of planners from very old copies of completed worksheets (for example 2015 or 2016).

The mass CSV upload feature by Role that we demonstrate in this recording is quick and easy to use, however :

  • It doesn't work for Carbon copies of completed forms that were either generated by design from the Route Map configuration (Completed step settings) or that were sent through the Carbon Copy button (Advanced settings of a template > "Disable Send button for completed documents"). These carbon copies can be hidden too but only one at a time (there is unfortunately no way to report on them in adhoc reports otherwise we could have used the CSV Uploads by UserID feature for them).

  • It is complicated to restore visibility for the documents that were hidden because there is no mass CSV restore visibility feature, the only way is to do it Document ID by Document ID.

  • The mass upload job is very quick to run and I've never seen it fail but it cannot be tracked from Admin Center > Monitor Jobs, only from Provisioning > Monitor Jobs. However a recap email gets sent out to the administrator who uploads the file.


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