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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

In this 30 minutes recording we look at how to handle the following requirement in Variable Pay : for employees who were rehired only a few weeks or months after they left the company only use the active record(s) after the Rehire event to calculate a prorated bonus for them.

It took about 40 hours of work to conceptualize and build to meet the requirements of a customer in Retail that has 1,500 employees that terminate and get rehired a few weeks/months later every fiscal year.



It is not easy to build in Variable Pay because :

  1. Nothing differentiate the Active record(s) before Termination from the Active record(s) after Termination.

  2. There are no business rule functions that allow us to scan through Job Info in a way that is compatible with business rule type = "Variable Pay Eligibility" which we must use to retrieve EC records within the fiscal year dates.



This recording explains the following :

  1. The creation of an effective dated custom object (MDF) compatible with Variable Pay record rules.

  2. The creation of 2 integration center jobs (with hardcoded effectiveStartDate set to 1/1/1970)  that will populate a "Termination Date" custom field of the MDF upon termination and that will not override that date after Rehire so it can be used in our records eligibility rules.

  3. How to run an adhoc report and load its data into a custom MDF object.


Please note : in the recording I use a fixed date for the integration center jobs of 1/1/2021 which created issues towards the end of the recording when I tested my setup because my test user's active record before Termination hadn't changed since 2020. For that reason we should be using 1/1/1970 (1970-01-01T00:00:00Z) or any other date old enough that it can also capture employees who have had no change in job information in a long time.




All the best,



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