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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

In this 30 minutes recording we look at two different ways to make recently increased employees in EC ineligible in Compensation worksheets (before or during the cycle) which is not possible with Compensation eligibility rule engine (as mentioned at the bottom of this blog).



This recording covers the two following designs :

  • The leading practice of adding a field called "Date of last salary increase" in EC Comp info which will be populated on save (see design details here) of an increase on Base Salary.

    • This design which is recommended when Compensation is implemented at the same time than EC has a major drawback for customers trying to implement it after EC is live which is that it doesn't come with prepopulated current data for the field (for example if the field gets added to CompInfo only on February 15 for the purpose of launching the cycle on March 1st and the requirement is to capture all changes to Base Salary since January then the customer will have to make data loads for all employees in Comp Info as the new field doesn't come with current data situation).

  • An alternative which involves the creation of a custom object with business rules that gets fed from Integration center and which will allow us to capture this information even if the actual salary cycle is already live or is happening imminently and without any data loads.


Technical features demoed in this recording

  • MDF business rules comparing the previous value of a field to the current value to return a third data on save.

  • Integration center with hard coded effective date for all records.



Other complex business cases related to this topic

  • In case a customer must have the Compensation template EC effective date be April 1st for example (no flexibility for change) but for specific business reasons they can only launch Compensation worksheets after April 1st and would like to grey out employees receiving an increase in EC after April 1st then we can use one of the custom01 to custom15 columns of the UDF to store the Date of last salary change from EC with an HRIS-sync. In this scenario when the salary change gets approved in EC with an effective date of April 5 for example then the HRIS-sync immediately feeds that date to the UDF which we can then pull into a worksheet column used for eligibility purposes (field-level eligibility feature documented here).


  • In case we need to display more information than just the "Date of last Salary increase" for employees receiving increases in EC after April 1st (to use example above) then the only option is to go through an MDF + Integration center design as documented below (credit Andres Carter, SAP).





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