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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Many organizations have requirements where a manager could navigate or traverse through the position org chart and view all the positions.

But he/she should not be able to add lower level positions outside his reporting line. He/she should be allowed to create positions only under his/her reporting structure.

If you are trying to implement something similar for you customers you can achieve it using below configurations.

This is the solution to one of the ideas submitted in community

1) For Manager self service roles , provide the following permissions and restrict the population to only positions below him.

2) For ESS role provide only view current permissions and target can be all positions

3) Enable the RBP switch “Create Respects Target Criteria” In position Object Definition

4)Now Login as the manager and try to create a position at higher level as shown

Example : Logged in as Richard Redman and go to his higher level position which is occupied by Rebecca Watts.

Try creating a lower level position as shown.

An error is thrown indicating “No Permission”

5) Now create a lower level position below Redman. We see that position is saved successfully without any errors. The RBP target criteria long with “Respect Criteria” switch kicks in and allows

only positions under one’s reporting line to be created

With the above solution one can easily manage the right operations a manager can have for the positions across your organizational unit.