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In the today’s episode of the Education NewsCast, Thomas Jenewein and Enrico Palumbo talk about the topic “Learning and Development” especially for HR. Enrico leads the team at SAP responsible for Learning and Development of all HR employees at SAP.

Experiences in Enablement and Training of HR employees

Taking time for learning is challenging in these times. This is why you try to attach the different learning offerings to a compelling event, where people have a specific need. In SAP, Business Partners for example support the organizational development by facilitating workshops after employee surveys. So we offer trainings before the facilitation workshops.

Insight SAP - a format to foster business acumen

Insight SAP is a program which focusses on delivering on the job information to people so they can understand what is happening inside SAP and learn business acumen.

You get to understand how the company is transforming and evolving in an easy way with the right level of complexity. In order to achieve this, HR colleagues executed interviews with experts in different lines of business as they represent the target audience and understand the needs best.

The power of Job Shadowing

Job Shadowing is a very good learning utility. It is cheap, easy to implement, gives insights and courage. You learn to understand other roles, their challenges and also you get to know how they interact with other roles and teams.

So instead of reading job descriptions or tehoretic books you can get a glimpse of the emotions which happen during day, the highlights, or lowlights of jobs. This helps making better decisions and to eventually feel happier when accepting a new role.

At SAP, there are also rotational programs like the so called "Fellowship program", where people can do fellowships in other functions in order to explore other roles for up to 6 months.

How does technology support learning & development?

Here Enrico shows 2 examples:

  • Technologies are helpful in the space of learning recommendations like via LinkedIn Learning. They can provide you with hints which learnings could be interesting for you without needing to do extensive research.

  • Also, technologies nowadays enable you to learn from anywhere and at any time.

What are Enricos Narratives on Learning?

Learning and the ability to learn is a gift.

You can get in touch with people, develop yourself, try out new things, and learn from experiences.


Like always you find the complete insights in the podcast. We are grateful if you subscribe, share it and also give us your feedback.

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