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The average enterprise organization is actively running nearly 130 applications across its business landscape. IT is under pressure to support the growing demand of bringing all of this data living in siloed applications together to address each unique and evolving need the business throws its way. They’re also tasked with maintaining security and compliance in the process. As the trend continues to move these applications to the cloud, potentially making them more accessible, many still reside in challenging on-premise environments. Without the proper tools, these complex landscapes can make it difficult to access and share this valuable data across the organization. When you have a connected platform of technology tools, all stakeholders have deeper insight into performance, are enabled to make higher quality decisions, and can move faster in these rapidly changing times.    

SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) delivers a unified experience across your landscape through integration, value-to-data, and extensibility for all end-to-end processes. One of the pillars of our multi-cloud strategy is to provide an open platform with the possibility to cross-consume services from different environments. This way the business can combine best-of-breed innovative technology with SAP’s business-centric services tailored for the Intelligent Enterprise journey. SAP BTP will provide the platform and architecture that companies use to construct new business models connecting all LOBs with over 45 use cases, with SAP Commissions being one of them.  

So, what does this mean for SAP Commissions?  Sales compensation solutions are unique in that they require access to data owned by various parts of the business. Whether your goal is to deliver the best seller experience that will attract, motivate and retain the best talent or increase profitability by optimizing compensation spend, having access to fresh accurate data is paramount. Not only can these applications live in silos, but there are often multiple applications serving the same purpose for the business resulting from acquisitions, global expansion, or various stages of digital transformation.  

Where does sales compensation data live:  

  • Finance - ERP (SAP S/4HANA, SAP ERP Central Component)  

  • HR – HCM (SuccessFactors)

  • Sales – CRM, POS  

  • Other – Data can reside in other applications (ex. NPS/CSAT scores) 

Improving the SAP Commissions experience with SAP BTP 

Businesses running on SAP Commissions are adopting SAP BTP to deliver a better seller experience resulting in growth and operational efficiency. For example, a top insurer set out to improve their communication and deliver greater transparency with agents and managers by building a connected mobile app. They knew delivering a better agent experience can be the difference between thriving or merely surviving, especially with independent agents having the option to work with multiple carriers. Leveraging SAP BTP technologies SAP Commissions Data Loader (CDL) and SAP Analytics Cloud (Embedded Analytics), these sellers now have access to policies & renewals, leads, commissions & performance metrics, training & contests (gamification), and chat facility all at their fingertips.   

This is just one of many potential opportunities with how SAP BTP can support your growth plans and initiatives when it comes to extending SAP Commissions beyond the application’s core purpose. SAP BTP can also support SAP Commissions use cases around data processing, orchestration, and automating manual activities. Businesses are unique like fingerprints and SAP BTP is the connective tissue that can simplify how this data comes together to help your business unlock its unrealized potential. SuccessFactors is on a mission to help businesses like yours change work for good and SAP BTP is a critical element that will help deliver on your desired business outcomes.    

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