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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Report Stories is the latest feature to enhance the SAP SuccessFactors Reporting and Analytics tool kit.  This functionality leverages off of SAP Analytics Cloud and is included as part of the standard tools available in the SuccessFactors suite.  In order to use Report Stories for Pay for Performance data, you must ensure the tool has been activated in your instance and ensure SAP Identity Authentication Services has been configured.  Prerequisite steps can be found on the SAP Customer Community.

Permission Compensation Data

As Report Stories leverages the standard Role Based Permissions, in order to access Compensation and Variable Pay module data in Report Stories, along with the standard reporting permissions, you must also grant your role access to the User Permission> Compensation and Variable Pay> Data Access: Story and select the applicable templates.

Role based permissions

Ensure the Form Template Contains Reportable Dimensions

When planning your compensation process, it is important to include applicable reporting dimensions that you may want to use in your dashboard.  Data points not in the original template cannot be used in story reports unless you are EC enabled and link to the Job Information applicable.  It is always a cleaner and simpler process to include all reportable dimensions in the initial template requirements.

Note: Dimensions are the fields we use to slice and dice the measures.  They include Country, Gender, Division, Location etc.

Map out your requirements prior to building

Prior to commencing building your report, it is important you have a mock-up of what you would like your end product to look like.  What insights are you interested in?  What questions are you trying to answer?  Once you have a mock-up of your dashboard, building the end product will be a much more structured, stepped approach.

For the purpose of this blog, we will create a report in the following video that looks at overall budget spend for our Total Compensation Review.  This will use a Total Compensation template and include both salary and incentive budget data.  A link to the technical document is also provided for additional information.

The dashboard will include:

  • Total Budget, Spend, and Variance for the Compensation Review

  • Total Budget, Spend, and Variance for the Incentive Plan

  • Total Compensation Spend By Country

  • Total Incentive Spend By Country

  • Page level filters by Division

  • Pictures, Text and a Dynamic Date

Link to: Technical Documentation

* Note: Due to reports should be built starting with the Template table until a fix is deployed.

**Note: All screenshots and videos include sample data from an SAP SuccessFactors demo instance