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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Hello KSA EC Payroll Customers and Consultants,

In this blog post I am going to elaborate more about the new initiative "Mashup Free KSA EC Payroll"

First, let me remind you what mashup means?

KSA EC Payroll calculates based on data saved in Payroll, this data is called “Infotypes” these infotypes gets updated from EC through integration (data replication).

In the fact, not all KSA EC Payroll relevant data can be replicated from EC, so alternatively Payroll infotypes are imbedded in EC through a UI called “Mashup” so it can be directly maintained from EC which is not the best experience for HR or Payroll Admin.

So, what mashup free means?

One of the key KSA EC Payroll mashups is “GOSI” mashup (see below). This mashup will be removed from Payroll Information portlet and will be replaced by replication from EC to KSA EC Payroll following the below logic:

  • Once the “GOSI Registration No.” get saved in “National ID Info” portlet in EC (see below) on the date of enrollment.

  • Such data will be automatically replicated to “GOSI” Infotype and employee GOSI contribution will be calculated in KSA EC Payroll effective from that date.

This automation will give HR and Payroll Admin the best experience they expect.

Also the other KSA EC Payroll mashups will be removed and being replaced by equivalent features provided by SuccessFactors or by the Authorities, accordingly, there will be no mashups needed after removing “GOSI” mashup and so KSA EC Payroll will be mashup free.

How other mashups are being replaced by equivalent features?


Admin doesn’t have to record late attendance related sanctions manually, this can be calculated automatically using “EC Time Valuation”, please visit this link for more info


Loans can be managed using “EC Advances” feature, please visit this link for more info

Tickets Entitlements

Employee and his dependents tickets benefits can be managed using “EC Global Benefits” feature, please visit this link for more info

Occupation Hazard

Work accidents can be reported online through GOIS Online portal

What if one of these mashups is still required for business needs?

If these mashups are removed as planned and you want to add some of them back, no problem, you can simply add any Payroll infotype as a mashup using “Payroll Unified Configuration” in the Admin Center (see below)

When KSA EC Payroll mashups will be removed?

All mashups will be removed once GOSI infotype replication is released which is planned for 1908 release (subject for SAP SuccessFactors - Solutions Road Map - Legal Disclaimer)

So, what is required from my side as a Customer or a Consultant?

Nothing, we need to make sure that your business will not be negatively impacted by these coming changes and in same time these changes will bring for you better HR & Payroll experience. so please let us hear from you how you think about this initiative.

Many thanks