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These startup solutions are helping SAP SuccessFactors HXM customers enable employees to be their best

Since 2017, SAP.iO has been working closely with SAP SuccessFactors in order to help build an ecosystem of innovation for HR leaders. As SAP customers continue to utilize SAP SuccessFactors solutions to ensure that their employees have the tools needed to thrive, they can now additionally access over 25 solutions from SAP.iO startups are integrated with SAP SuccessFactors and are available on the SAP Store for customers to discover, learn, and adopt.

Check out these Human Experience Management startups available on SAP Store that are leading the future of work and HR technology.


Pulsifi helps organizations improve talent acquisition and management through holistic understanding of their people, leveraging predictive analytics and AI. Pulsifi unifies multiple data points on people to understand hard skills and soft traits of each person, accurately predict job performance and culture fit, and personalize HR from hiring to development. SAP SuccessFactors customers can use Pulsifi in one seamlessly integrated platform to get a deeper understanding of their people’s potential and fit within their organization, empowering HR teams to select the best fit candidates in a short amount of time, develop high potential talent, and create meaningful candidate and employee experiences.


Pulsifi works with SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting and is available on SAP Store here.

Skillnote Corporation (SKILL NOTE)

SKILL NOTE is a skills and trainings management solution for the manufacturing industry with features such as skills/qualifications management, training plans management, and records creation for ISO 9001/IATF 16949 compliant. With SKILL NOTE, organizations can centralize information about employees’ skills and qualifications, and use the skill matrix to get an accurate picture of skills foreach department. SAP SuccessFactors customers can use the SKILL NOTE add-on solution to integrate and manage skills and qualifications data into talent management.

Skillnote Corporation

Skillnote Corporation works with SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development & SAP SuccessFactors Learning and is available on SAP Store here.


Springday’s platform features a range of solutions from curated wellbeing programs to assessment tools to help empower employees on their journey to a happier and healthier existence. With a focus on 5 key pillars (physical, social, career, financial, and emotional) Springday helps employees implement wellbeing strategies and see the impact on their productivity, health and absenteeism with a unique gamification approach that drives engagement levels. SAP SuccessFactors customers using Springday can measure and track improvements in the wellbeing of their workforce, create a customized organizational well-being strategy, and ultimately build a better work culture as well as boost productivity levels.


Springday works with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and is available on SAP Store here.


Hardskills’ digital learning platform helps train teams in critical behavioural skills needed to improve collaboration, embrace change and support digital transformation. A fully managed cohort-based rollout ensures the highest ROI without draining L&D resources, training skills like critical thinking & agility, selling & influencing, time management & communication. The data-driven individual coaching feedback and enterprise insights provide measurable business results that help talent strategies, while enjoying increased productivity and improved employee engagement. SAP SuccessFactors customers using Hardskills can train hard-to-teach behaviours and skills with consistency and scale across their global organisation, allowing their teams to innovate faster and meet customer needs.


Hardskills works with SAP SuccessFactors Learning and is available on SAP Store here.

And there they are, four leading startup solutions that together with SAP are taking the Human Experience management space by storm. While the future of work is still being written, you can be sure that the most innovative technology with employee wellbeing and success front and center will be its driving force.

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