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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

The Time Management solution area continues to be an area of focus, innovation, and investment for SAP SuccessFactors. Our Time Management solution includes SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking which has within 5 releases, since its introduction in 1H 2021, rapidly evolved into a feature rich, robust solution for the time tracking and attendance management needs of all types of employees across all industries and geographies. Our comprehensive and global time off and absence management capabilities are delivered via our Time Off capabilities in SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central.

In this blog, I would like to highlight a few key features and functionality being delivered for time management as part of the 1H 2023 release, which is now available in preview instances, and which will hit production instances on June 2nd.

This blog will also point you to resources and assets which will help you understand, explain, try out and implement these for your own organization or for your customers.

Recording time worked or requesting a time off are among the most used self-service functions and hence we continue to add features and improvements to the way users experience the process.

From this release users can speed up their time entry by availing the new copy feature which allows users to select a record for a day or multiple days and copy the same to other days or days in the period. The time sheet also has a new information button where context sensitive information can be provided at the point of time entry to support the employee.

Time sheet copy feature and Information button

Information button on the Time off request process

For the administrator, we have a new UI for visualizing work schedules on the time administrator workbench. Planned working schedule is presented in a list view by day allowing the administrator to identify planned or temporary schedules easily and quickly in order to view or action upon. This view is especially useful to visualize temporary schedules coming in from an external forecasting and scheduling application.

New Work schedule UI for the administrator

Some employees are required to work on public holidays. In the previous release we introduced the concept of public holiday categories to help group public holidays to allow for treating or compensating them differently. In this release we take this a step further and have introduced the concept of holiday work patterns to which employees can be assigned, since not all employees work on the same public holiday, or some employees work some public holidays. Also, different employees may be compensated with different holiday premiums and so on. The enhancements included in this provide more configuration options such as support for half day or partial day holidays, for a comprehensive treatment of work on public holidays and holidays.

Public Holiday patterns

Some industries and local regulations require a minimum rest period in between shifts or a clock out and the next clock in. In this release the concept of rest or fatigue periods can be defined, and an alert can be configured when a minimum rest period is violated.

Rest period violation alerts


We continue to enhance our mobile capabilities by adding cross midnight time recording to support night shift workers along with single record approval capability to allow approval of time for single records such as an overtime or work from home requests, versus waiting for the entire time sheet to be recorded.

Mobile cross midnight time recording and single record approval

These are just a few of the highlights of the 1H 2023 Release for Time Management, For more details please review the comprehensive release blog by volker.ruof, which goes deeper into the configuration and technical aspects of each feature.

Our product teams review customer requests very seriously and we are happy to say that we have addressed about 25 such requests in the time management area alone. Here is a quick look of the customer requests being addressed in this release -

Customer requests addressed in 1H2023

You can get to a listing of all the new enhancements in the release for SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking and SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Time Off in the What’s New Viewer.

Our SAP Best Practices and Localization teams continue to provide complementary solutions in the form of configuration accelerators and localization content. In this release customers can try out sample configurations such as new configuration examples such as sample grace rounding rules, sample holiday categories and work patterns, support for filtering of cost centers available when recording time. On the time off front, we have added SAP Best practices configuration packs to support new leave rules in France along with country time off localizations for Oman and Hungary. There have also been updates to Mexico and Malaysia to support recent law changes.

These will be covered in more detail, along with other offerings from SAP Best Practices for Time Management in another blog from neelesh.kamath coming in the next few days.

You can get all release related information and assets, in the SAP SuccessFactors community page.

And as a bonus for all of you who came this far, just hot off the press, my colleague who supports our payroll product suite also does a podcast called Rethinking Core HR and Payroll for the Modern Workforce and in the current episode of the series, he has an interesting conversation discussing with frans.smolders on The Strategy & Future of Time Management in SAP SuccessFactors (Including CATS)

Until next TIME....