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Product and Topic Expert


79% of businesses report having more than 12 separate sales automation tools/systems, per the IDC Saas Path survey in 2021. Does this matter to sales performance and how your business gets impacted? What is the relationship here?

SAP recently partnered with IDC to get insights into the market perception of sales management methodologies, which is what we learned. In the new normal, commissions and quotas are handled very differently than before the pandemic and the move to remote work. To meet the challenges, sales organizations must change how they sell and do business. Because of this, the best companies use go-to-market strategies that are getting more complicated. These things put a lot of pressure on sales management processes to make them faster and more flexible.

Hence there is a greater need to equip sales with effective sales performance management platforms that can motivate sales teams while improving operational efficiency and delivering positive business outcomes.

Few additional insights revolved around HR and Sales silos. When there isn't enough visibility into compensation, it's hard for sales, HR, and finance leaders to find problems that affect the whole organization or to spot outliers that could be signs of unfair treatment or favoritism. This creates a place where people don't trust each other, which goes against the goals of sales performance management and the goals of keeping sales talent. Also, when data isn't complete, it's hard to help employees see how their pay fits in with corporate and customer satisfaction goals. 

Missing the links between HR, sales and Finance often causes a lot of challenges hence the need for a unified view. However, 74% find sales infrastructure complex, and sales leaders list this as their top challenge. So how can you fix this for better business results? The answer lies in modern sales performance systems, which have the power to bridge these gaps and create a more effective sales environment.

Download this whitepaper and the infographic, which have valuable points that give you deeper insights into the current market state and trends. Kevin Permenter, Research Director at IDC, also provides some best practices in this space.

Join us for a webinar as we discuss these insights and The Benefits of Modernizing Sales Performance Management Systems. Register here.