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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
SuccessFactor BizX Instance Refresh is a very common process of copying data and configuration from source to target, without impacting the integrations in the target.

  • The source is the instance from which data and configurations are copied to the target instance.

  • The target is the instance to which data and configurations are copied using Instance Refresh.

Types of Instance Refresh:

There are multiple Post refresh activities that need to be performed to provide the end to end refresh experience to customers. Advanced Reporting Refresh is a part of Post BizX Refresh Activities.

Why Advanced Reporting Refresh is required post-BizX Refresh?

  • Advanced Reporting work on the views which are created from Employee Central Configurations and these views should always be in sync with EC configuration (data model, MDF, FO etc). The Report created from the Advanced Reporting data source will be created from these views and pull the data from Employee Central.

  • After BizX Refresh, the target instance will have a new configuration and therefore the Advanced Reporting views need to be refresh to sync with new EC configuration.

Do I need to create a separate incident for Advanced Reporting Refresh?

  • No. Advanced Reporting Refresh is part of BizX Refresh and will be taken care with BizX Refresh request. No separate incident is required to request an Advanced Reporting Refresh.

    • For Manual Refresh: Advanced Reporting refresh will now be taken care with the Incident created for BizX Refresh. No separate incident is required.

    • For Automatic Refresh (Instance refresh tool): The Tool has the ability to perform the Advanced Reporting Refresh.

Any Issue with Advanced Reporting after BizX Refresh?

  • For Manul Refresh: Confirm in the original incident (created for BizX Refresh) if the Advanced Reporting refresh is completed or not. If confirmed, and still issue exists, raise an incident for the SuccessFactors Analytics team with the below information.

    • The incident number created for BizX refresh.

    • Describe the issue in detail and if the issue is impacting all users/reports.

  • For Automatic Refresh(Instance refresh tool):: If the refresh process is completed and you see any issues with Advanced Reporting, please raise an incident with SuccessFactors Analytics team with below details:

    • When the automatic refresh happened?

    • What are the source & target instances?

Does Refresh Process also include transferring of my Advanced Reports from source to destination instance?

Some of the Advanced reports are throwing an error after BizX Refresh.

  • This could be expected behavior.
    Few reports could no longer be valid after refresh because you have refreshed your configuration. You should revalidate your reports and see if there are valid errors due to mismatch in the existing report configuration and new EC configuration. If you see that the configuration errors during validation are not correct as those configurations are maintained in EC, please raise the incident with the SuccessFactors Analytics team. For Example: The error says that a table is missing, then check if you have that table in EC available or not.

  • For more information see Validating Advanced Reports

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