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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Touchless Deployment is now available for all SAP Commissions customers.

Release Notes and Help Documentation is updated as per the release of General Availability.

This article explains zero touch deployment feature, starting with how to manage the database, as a set of SQL scripts, in your version control system, and then how to start building an integrated and automated script pipeline for continuously testing and continuous deploying to your database schema changes in your tenant.

Reason to Introduce Touchless deployment

Access to the production customer database or database credentials is strictly prohibited and any changes as to go through SAP Technical Support Case

Available for both SAP HANA and Oracle tenants


When there is a schema level change involved in the database, the Database Administrator would make changes to the objects (Stored Procedure, Views, Table creation, Indexes... etc) by create/update the changes in development environment. After the tests with the new updates, the DBA will submit a SAP support ticket for migration of their successful tested code to the production environment.

SAP Technical Support team(CallidusCloud) will confirm back to ticket owner after the sql scripts are deployed successful in the tenant. so Turnaround time will take minimum 24hrs - 48hrs for deployment.

Customers may consider making changes on their own in production for database performance tuning, but they are unable to open up more and more tickets and wants to track their version control changes of their code.

⚠️ Old way

Customers, Partners, and Database Administrators currently submits SAP Technical support tickets with providing all the necessary database objects for migration to Production environment.

⭐ New way

Customers / Partners / Database Admins can deploy database objects through CI/CD concept or using Touchless deployment API's. so there is no need of ticket and you can enjoy the full power to deploy your code anytime.  Refer to below Housekeeping notes

SAP Commissions manages Liquibase Opensource database deployment at middle which takes care of the deployment of your artifacts to EXT Database Schema.

High Level Zero Touch Deployment Process

Now that we are good enough to handle CI/CD, it's time to explore more about the CI/CD for Databases objects change.

Customer Use Cases

Example 1

In this example, as shown in version 1 the sql script for table and Procedure was created and later there comes a new request to add new column in Version 2.. will be shown in next example

Example 2

with reference to above example, new additional column as to be added to the table and sql script will have to be alter the table and procedure.

🚨 Housekeeping Notes

  • Zero touch deployment process is available only for EXT Schema and not for TCMP Schema

  • TCMP Schema related changes will have to go through Approval process and Ticket needs to be submitted.

  • Ensure your syntax matches to the standard Oracle and HANA SQL scripts in your artifact.

  • Ensure you rollback the right deployed status id

  • Currently, Zero touch is not Applicable for HDI Containers used in your SDI Project.

  • CI/CD process will be owned and managed by customers for automating build & test for each environment in each stages( DEV ➜ UAT ➜ PRD)

  • Refer Liquibase Documentation to understand the Syntax


💥 Closing Thoughts

Touchless Deployment doesn’t only benefit your DB Admins or Data integration consultant, also it offers several advantages including:

✔️ Reduced time spent on manual work
✔️ Track and Maintain all the history changes in your own repository with version control
✔️ Zero costs by spending less time on working with your Artifacts.
✔️ Makes it easy and quick to deploy updates
✔️ Reduces the chance for human errors

In coming next blog will explain step by step how Touchless Deployment works with sample Artifact.