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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
In this ever-changing digital environment, wouldn't it be great to have someone at your side to guide you through new processes, to whisper tips and tricks into your ear and to point out where to go and what to do? A companion whom you trust to inform you about changes and help you through tricky processes?

This is not wishful thinking anymore - it's already reality!

One of the missions of SAP product adoption is a consistent, intelligent, personalized user enablement experience, with relevant product assets in the required languages.

SAP's approach to fulfill this mission statement is clear and unambiguous - the SAP Companion.
"Enabled users make digital transformations a success.

As part of SAP Enable Now, SAP Companion helps users drive their own enablement to make them more satisfied and productive.

SAP Enable Now is the key adoption and productivity driver for our SAP customers and their users and is a critical part of every SAP offering."

Eva Zauke, EVP, Global Head of SAP Enterprise Adoption

Introducing: SAP Companion

SAP Companion is everything you've ever wished for as a software user:

  • embedded in-application help at the point of need

  • free standard content to get you started

  • guidance through difficult processes to take the load off you

  • tips and tricks from key users

  • links out to other helpful repositories like the SAP Community

  • multi-media training at your fingertips so you can pick the way you learn best

  • always stay up-to-date with the What's New content

  • and much more!

SAP Companion in-application help

Maybe you're thinking: "Wait, haven't I heard this all before? What about Web assistant and Desktop Assistant?" Indeed these great components of SAP Enable Now have now been combined and rebranded into SAP Companion. This harmonization allows us to leverage the capabilities of both tools even more and offers SAP Companion as your adoption and productivity layer across the Intelligent Enterprise which underlines the commitment of SAP to best-in-class user adoption.

SAP Companion: Your Adoption and Productivity Layer

SAP Companion is the connective layer between business users across all functions and the underlying business processes which are based on the intelligent suite.

From the perspective of a software user, having in-application help available makes absolute sense. However, not everything users like is a good idea on a larger scale. So what about the enterprise level?

Digital adoption itself has spread rapidly across the world as seen in this graphic by the World Bank (World Bank. 2016. World Development Report 2016: Digital Dividends. Washington,
DC: World Bank. doi:10.1596/978-1-4648-0671-1. License: Creative Commons Attribution CC BY 3.0 IGO):

Spread of digital adoption technologies across the world

Different studies like the “Achieving Enterprise Software Success”, TSIA, Neochange,, 2009, have continued to show that effective adoption strategy is the key component of realizing business value.

What exactly is the SAP Companion?

In one sentence? SAP Companion is planned to be part of any suitable SAP application to drive the user onboarding, enablement, change management in a pro-active and intelligent way – it takes your user by the hand, helps when your users are struggling, helping them to increase their productivity and the software adoption.

SAP Companion is much more - it is your free access channel to SAP's embedded content portfolio.

SAP Companion and SAP's embedded content

SAP's embedded content portfolio includes in-application help like guided procedures and interactive help overlay as well as onboarding and task tutorials. This content is enhanced by the embedded access to the SAP Help Portal, where users can find extensive documentation and help for all SAP applications. Find out more about SAPs embedded content here.

All this is provided together with your SAP cloud application (and S/4HANA onpremise) - natively integrated into a large number of SAP cloud solutions to help you get a head start with embedded learning.

SAP Companion takes care of users throughout the whole software lifecycle and beyond.

Taking care across the whole lifecycle


  • onboarding content for first-time users to

  • enablement materials to understand the "why" and

  • change management to keep knowledge current,

your adoption & productivity layer has it all. This will help all customers with

  • increased proficiency and feature usage,

  • higher engagement and satisfaction, as well as

  • help desk ticket prevention.

All this with the adoption and resulting productivity at the top of mind.

How are SAP Companion and SAP Enable Now connected?

SAP Companion, a component of SAP Enable Now, is a great delivery channel for SAPs embedded content. Together with the main solution SAP Enable Now, customers can evolve their enablement strategy even further.

With SAP Enable Now, customers can adapt, enrich, and reuse embedded content.

SAP Companion is the in-application adoption layer native to many SAP cloud applications and provides SAPs embedded content for free while connecting multiple content sources.

SAP Enable Now is your learning and adoption content authoring platform to customize standard content or create new custom content, providing deep insights into content usage and combining all features of a holistic knowledge asset management solution like translation and versioning.

Together, SAP Companion and SAP Enable Now form a holistic adoption and productivity solution catering to any industry or company-specific requirement.

Welcome to the future!

Sometimes the future catches up with us without us even realizing it. Presenting SAP Companion is the first step towards a grand future of user enablement at SAP, consolidating all of the great ways SAP offers to enable users.

Let's walk this path together and let SAP Companion help you guide your users towards increased adoption and higher productivity to make the world run better!

Do you want to find out more about SAP Companion? Then check our our SAP Enable Now Community Page with links to the latest videos and further assets.

Take care!