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As our customers use Intelligent Services to automate and integrate their business processes, we saw their need for a simple interface to model and configure their business process flows. While being easy to use, such a tool needs to provide a rich set of customization options to support a range of conditional business flows, and a variety of activities triggered by HR events. We are introducing Intelligent Services Center (ISC), an HR analyst friendly interface to meet these needs.

The tool gives the ability to configure, customize, and monitor Intelligent Services events. It presents event publisher details, subscriber activities and notifications, external event connector, integrations created through Integration Center, and means to monitor events.

The prerequisite to use ISC is to upgrade to Intelligent Services. This tool is now Beta in 1611 release for selected customers. In the near future, it will be the default tool for Intelligent Services in place of Event Center.

From Admin Center, you can navigate to ISC landing page where you view the available events and their publishers.


Event Details shows the publisher of the event and the publishing rule.


The Activities section (on the right side of the screen below Custom Activities) is a library of subscribing activities pre-supplied by SAP SuccessFactors for the particular event. You can select the appropriate activities from this section and create a flow for the event. Some of the activities may have notifications associated with them and can be turned off/on as desired.


Configuring Rules for Conditional Execution of Processes

You can also add a rule for an activity for conditional subscription – the activity with a rule will get triggered only when the rule condition is evaluated to be true. In addition, you can also select the time when the particular activity will get triggered in relation with the effective date of the event.


For example, if a recruiter or a hiring manager is going for a global assignment, you may want to re-assign the requisitions associated with him/her. Additionally, you want this activity to be triggered only for recruiters/hiring manager based in USA and 5 days before the effective date. In this case, you can add an activity “Reassign Requisitions and To-dos for the Requisitions” for the “Add Global Assignment” event flow, add the rule for the employees based in USA and select the timing 5 days before the effective date.

It is possible to create more than one flow for an event. Each flow should have a flow rule that governs the activities for that particular flow. If the flow condition is met, the associated activities are triggered. If you define additional flows, then each flow should have a flow rule.


Configuring Custom Activities

The Custom Activities section provides two methods of publishing events externally: Event Connector and Integration.

Event Connector is a way to create an external connection to a third-party endpoint, for e.g. Office 365. When the endpoint is configured, an event notification is sent in the form of a SOAP message to the specified endpoint. When the destination application receives the event, it can make an API call back to SuccessFactors to get the details related to the event using the metadata contained in the object.

Alternatively, ISC allows you to configure Integration as an activity. This feature allows for an integration defined using Integration Center to be executed, when triggered by the event. Integration Center, which is also accessible via Admin Tools, supports REST, SOAP and File Transfer.