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When we speak to customers about their system integration needs, we often find that the topic is similar to "transportation": While you need sophisticated trucks and buses with specialized drivers for some cases, in most day-to-day tasks a small car or pick-up will do just fine. And finding a driver is a lot easier then...

That's the situation for HR departments: They need to make sure that their systems are tightly integrated with the other core business systems in their company, like finance and user administration. That's not a trivial task considering the need for real-time data flow to support vital end-to-end business processes. Good thing SAP SuccessFactors offers pre-packaged solutions for the most frequently needed cases that can be implemented fast by our experienced implementation partners!

But besides those "heavy weight" integrations typically a lot of small integrations tasks come up. For example our customer just decided to start a new benefits program for anniversaries: Employees who have been with the company for 5, 10, 15+ years can choose among a variety of gifts, concert tickets or weekend hotel packages. All this is managed by a local service provider who needs to get a monthly data file from HR containing the relevant people data in a certain format to upload to their system.

Then there is a popular health program with local fitness clubs who give employees a discounted membership, another one with local museums and theaters providing discounted tickets and many more. And yes -- all of them need their own specific data file each month securely transmitted to make sure that the right people get access to the right benefits!

These kind of integrations are simple but can create a lot of effort if you run them manually each time or if you try to set up a full-fledged automated solution with the help of your IT department. That's why we built Integration Center for our SAP SuccessFactors HCM suite -- it allows you to create, run and track simple integrations very fast and efficiently. A main reason for this is the modern user interface which was targeted for HR business professionals and not IT experts.

Integration Center has been well received by our customers:  Almost 200 customers are using it already, each on average running about 100 jobs per month. In a recent survey 88% said that they found that it was easy to use. But we also received some excellent feedback from one of our large System Integration (SI) partners. Integration Center allows them to cut cost and time significantly for all integrations with simple or medium complexity and they are rolling this out to all their projects now. A key advantage for the SI partner is that using Integration Center reduces the risk of delivery of integrations on a project overall, so now they can focus their best resources on the most complex and critical integrations.

Obviously, we are quite excited about this feedback and feel encouraged to continue to invest further into the development and adoption of Integration Center. E.g. the upcoming Q4 release will contain innovations like the ability to create inbound integrations or the support of a new data format needed for benefits providers.

But we believe that there are still many SAP SuccessFactors customers who have not yet realized the potential of this tool. Are you curious to learn more? Have a look at this short video clip  and find more information on the SAP SuccessFactors Community pages (link).
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