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As businesses continue to rely on SAP software to streamline operations, it's essential to understand the diffrent SAP Companion contents offered by SAP; understand the differences between SAP in-app help, in-app guided tours and in-app learning.

In this post, we'll explore each content and invite members of the community to share their experiences and opinions to gain clarity about these different types of content through concrete examples and use cases.


  • SAP in-app help provides contextual help to users as they work within the software through SAP Companion. Help content can take many forms, including documentation, videos, and context-sensitive help. The goal of in-app help is to provide users with the information they need to complete a task or understand a specific feature within SAP apps.

    • Examples of in-app help content include a text that provides a definition of a specific field or button within the software page.


  • SAP in-app guided tours are interactive tours available through SAP Companion that walk users through a specific task or process step within an SAP app. These tours are designed to provide step-by-step guidance, highlighting key features and functionality within the software. Guided tours can help new users get up to speed quickly, and they can also be useful for experienced users who want to learn about new features.

    • Examples of guided tours include a tour of the SAP S/4HANA Finance process for : Post Group Journal Entries including steps such as: Specify Filter Values, View the List, Create Journal Entry, Enter Line Item Details, Post the Journal Entry.


  • SAP in-app learning provides users with access to self-guided learning resources SAP Companion. These resources can take many forms, including overview videos, tutorials / simulations. The goal of in-app learning is to help users acquire new skills and knowledge related to SAP software at their own pace, without leaving the software environment.

    • Examples of in-app learning content include a video and simulations that explain how to use at he accounts payable process within SAP S/4HANA Finance.


Now that we've provided hints on each SAP Companion content type, we invite members of the community to share their experiences and opinions about SAP in-app help, in-app guided tours, and in-app learning.

  • Have you used these features within any of the SAP software where available?

  • What was your experience like?

  • Have you found them helpful for learning how to use the software or troubleshooting issues?

  • Are there any specific examples or use cases you would like to share?

  • what content do you want to see more from SAP and for which SAP software ? 

  • Which content do you see the most subject for customization and personalization? 

As we gather feedback from the community, we hope to build a better understanding of the differences between these content types and how they can be used to enhance user productivity and proficiency within SAP software.

Let's start the conversation in the comments section below!