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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
SAP Companion, a component of SAP Enable Now, is a powerful digital adoption solution that provides personalized guidance to users of SAP and non-SAP applications.

Conditions for SAP Companion are a brand-new feature with release 3.1.28 (June 5th, 2023).

With the new Conditions feature, authors can now customize the guidance they display to their users based on specific conditions they define. This feature allows authors to craft the best help bubbles and guided tours for their specific use case, making it even easier for users to navigate and use the target software.

If a user sees a specific button - then display in-app help to guide them!

If your help content is only for specific users - then set a condition on their title or part of the URL!

If help needs only be displayed for dedicated drop-down choices - then set the element condition accordingly!

This blog will discuss the impact of conditions and how to use them.

Why conditions are super useful

Conditions are useful for digital adoption platforms because they allow for personalized and targeted guidance for users. By setting conditions, the platform can adapt to the user's behavior and provide relevant guidance at the right time. Overall, conditions help to create a more engaging and effective user experience, which can lead to higher adoption rates and better outcomes.


On-screen help should only be visible if a certain input is provided, f.e. only if a user has entered their Country of Birth as United Kingdom because only then additional help regarding other input information is required.

There are three types of conditions that can be used in SAP Companion:

  1. Element Conditions: This type of condition controls the display of content based on the values the user sees and sets for selected elements, and based on the state of the selected elements. For example, if a user is from a specific country, SAP Companion can display a help bubble with additional information or guidance related to that country value.

  2. URL Conditions: URL conditions allow authors to define rules to tailor the content to match the URL hash, query, or pathname. This is useful when different pages or sections of an application require different guidance or assistance.

  3. API Conditions: If an application is configured to send information to SAP Companion, authors can use API conditions to set conditions based on that information. This can be useful for applications that have specific workflows or processes that require additional guidance or assistance.

How to use the conditions

Using conditions is quite simple and can be done with a few clicks within the SAP Companion authoring mode. Once a help tile is created, authors can add one or more conditions for a help content object.

Check out the video below to see a short introduction about how to set up element conditions:

Authors can even combine different conditions using AND and OR functions. You can find some examples below:

AND Condition = all conditions must be true for the element to be displayed

Using the AND condition combination

OR condition = any one condition must be true for the element to be displayed

Using the OR condition combination

AND and OR = in the picture below, either Feb 14, 1983 OR sfadmin AND United Arab Emirates must be true. That means only sfadmin will not be enough.

All conditions until the next OR are seen as a group. If each condition is A, B, C, etc. it would go like this:

  • A OR (B AND C)

  • A OR B OR (C AND D)

  • (A AND B) OR C


Build more complex conditions using AND and OR

It's important to note that setting conditions at the guided tour step level is not supported at this time. However, authors can still use the Conditions feature to provide personalized guidance to users throughout the application for help context tiles and guided tours in general.

This Info Center page describes the conditions and also links this tutorial about how to set up conditions - both are part of the SAP Companion Onboarding Guide.

Oh, the possibilities!

The Conditions feature in SAP Companion is a powerful tool that allows authors to provide personalized guidance and assistance to users based on custom conditions and combinations of these conditions. By using this feature, authors can create more targeted and efficient in-app help, making it easier for users to navigate and use the software.

The conditions feature adds a host of new possibilities for authors. Targeting content for specific use cases is now possible with only a few clicks. An even more proactive approach towards informing users and preventing help tickets is made possible by using conditions to streamline help to specific elements.

We will continue to work on conditions and other cutting-edge topics for SAP Companion - stay tuned!

Try Conditions out now and don't miss out on this great new feature offering increased flexibility for in-app content distribution with SAP Companion!
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