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Product and Topic Expert
25 years ago, SAP introduced SAP R/3 to the market. A few years later, the SAP Certification program was launched, which allows SAP experts and professionals to prove their SAP knowledge. Since the beginning, the SAP certification program was based on computer-based exams with a strong focus on practical knowledge. Today, SAP offers more than 150 certification exams from the associate to the professional level - especially for our new cloud solutions like SAP Ariba, SAP SuccessFactors, and SAP S/4HANA. More than 40,000 SAP professionals are becoming certified every year.

How to Prepare for SAP Certification with SAP Learning Hub

When SAP R/3 was introduced, you were only able to take the certification exam at SAP training locations after attending a 6 week consultant academy program.

Today, you can either attend a traditional classroom training or you can subscribe to SAP Learning Hub, SAP’s cloud-based learning platform for professionals, and study with self-paced materials and cloud-based training systems - supported by more than 100 moderated learning communities, our SAP Learning Rooms. Finally, you can even take many exams online and at home on your laptop – remotely proctored. It only requires 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Find your Learning Journey and Certification Exam

Subscribe to SAP Learning Hub to review available Learning Journeys and certifications. A Learning Journey features recommended training materials to prepare for a certification exam. Alternatively, you can display all exams here.


Figure 1: Learning Journey for SAP SuccessFactors


Step 2: Join Learning Rooms on SAP Learning Hub

SAP Learning Rooms are moderated learning communities on SAP Learning Hub. In SAP Learning Rooms, experienced trainers and moderators help you to prepare for your certification and answer your questions. In many SAP Learning Rooms additional webinars and info sessions for certification preparation are offered. Please note that most learning rooms are only available to learners with full SAP Learning Hub subscription.

Step 3: Study with Self-Paced Learning Materials and Practice

Study the recommended training materials on SAP Learning Hub to prepare for your SAP certification exam and keep track of your progress. For many topics you have the choice: You can either prepare yourself with interactive e-learning courses or read flipbooks (please note that most materials are only available to learners with full SAP Learning Hub subscription). In addition, you can practice your knowledge with cloud-based SAP Live Access training systems (option with additional costs).

Step 4: Check your Knowledge and Collaborate with Other Learners

On SAP Learning Hub, you will find many assessments, quizzes and sample questions to check your knowledge. Ensure that you use those to check your readiness for certification. Collaboration and exchange with other learners and trainers help you to deepen your understanding.

Step 5: Book Your Online Exams

Finally, you can purchase your Certification in the Cloud subscription in our SAP Training Shop. One subscription is including 6 online exam attempts in a 12-month subscription period. You can take 6 different online exams or you can take one exam up to 3 times. Note: Not all exams are yet available as certification in the cloud. Check the availability here.

Stay Current

For many certification exams, delta knowledge is delivered through SAP Learning Rooms. For SAP SuccessFactors products, delta content is even released every quarter in SAP Learning Rooms. Take the related delta assessments in SAP Learning Rooms to maintain your SAP SuccessFactors certification. Watch the video for more information


You want to become a certified consultant for SAP SuccessFactors. You subscribe to SAP Learning Hub to start with your learning journey. You join the Introduction to SAP SuccessFactors Learnig Room and study the recommended e-learning courses THR80, THR99 and THR91. You are also attending the additional webinars offered in the Learning Rooms and discuss open questions with other learners and the moderators in the forum of the SAP SuccessFactors Learning Room. Finally, you purchase your SAP Certification in the Cloud subscription and take the “SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding”. After some project experience, you can even upgrade your certificate to the professional level. You will use the rest of your contingent, while you continue on your SAP SuccessFactors learning journey, e.g. to become an expert in SAP SuccessFactors Learning. SAP Learning Rooms help you to keep your knowledge up-to-date with delta content and assessments.

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