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I recently had a customer requirement to filter the replication of employees for a certain Employee Central (EC) company code in the integration from EC to ECSC (aka Hybris Service for Employee Servicing environment).

On an overview level, you want to adapt the query in the CPI iFlow and add the following to the query:

AND employment_information_company IN ('2CH0','3CH0')  where 2CHO and 3CHO are sample company codes from another instance.

This is how the final query in the iFlow looks like:

SELECT person, personal_information, address_information, phone_information, email_information, employment_information, job_information FROM CompoundEmployee WHERE last_modified_on >= to_datetime('${property.LAST_MODIFIED_DATE}') AND employment_information_company IN ('2CH0','3CH0')

So let's go into the details.   I am referring the iFlows in the package "SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Integration with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central".   The specific iFlow is "Replicate Employee from SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central"

Once you are in CPI, edit the specified iFlow and follow this instructions in the visual here.  You can click to enlarge or download the visual picture.



The credit goes to my colleague Holger Beetz who suggested this, and I wanted to share this knowledge.

I welcome your comments and feedback.