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Product and Topic Expert
About the HAR file:

HAR, which is short for HTTP Archive, is a format used for tracking information between a web browser and a website. A HAR file is primarily used for identifying performance issues, such as bottlenecks, slow load times, as well as page rendering problems.


Example: Let’s say there is a performance issue in Report Center.

In such cases, we request customers/partners to create a HAR file and attach it to the support ticket for further investigation of the issue.


Steps to create HAR file

To create the HAR file, Open the menu of the browser, click on More tools, and click developer tools.


While in the Network tab in the tool, make sure that the circle in the top-left corner is red, if it is grey, click it to start recording and navigate to reporting. Click the checkboxes Preserve log and Disable cache.


Once the page fully loads, you will download the HAR file and save it to your local device.  This is the file that would be provided to Cloud Product Support as an attachment in your ticket/incident to use for further investigation.


Console logs: It is also important to provide Console logs along with network traces. Navigate it to the Console tab, right-click and select "Save as..." to save the file with the .log extension.


Video to Import HAR file.


For more information, please check the KBA 2280022.