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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
It would be remiss of me not to start this blog by stating that I hope you and your friends and family are staying healthy during this difficult time.

If you have been paying any kind of attention to us SuccessFactors Solution Marketing folks over the past 6 months, aside from our concerns about the covid-19 pandemic, you will have noticed that we frequently talk about the employee experience within our newly defined market category Human Experience Management (HXM).

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of “Human Resources” or “Human Capital”, as I prefer to think of people as more than merely expendable – if re-usable – resources to be used and deployed, and as a marketing person, I’m all about the experience.

So, what have we done to improve the experience for the employees and managers who are using Employee Central Time Off or Time Sheet, and indeed those unsung heroes – the system administrators – who make all the magic happen in your organization? Read on…

Flextime Bandwidth

What is it?

No, not a lunchtime yoga class or showing off at the gym, but the ability to offer your employees more flexibility regarding their start and end times. Essentially, you establish a "bandwidth" period for your work schedules, within which all required hours must be worked. If employees work outside this bandwidth, the system alerts them, their manager and/or time administrators to take corrective action.

How does this help with the employee experience?

This provides the best of both worlds: making your employees happy by allowing them to personalize their work time, while still helping your organization to control overtime costs, and remain in compliance with regional regulations and union rules.

You can dig deeper by watching this video here.

Leave Payout

What is it?

This is a way for you to offer eligible employees the freedom to request a payout of any type of leave, such as overtime, leave balances, time off in lieu, etc., immediately informing them about the gross payout amount they will receive.

How does this help with the employee experience?

Imagine the scenario where an employee has a significant balance in their time accounts for accrued vacation time or time off in lieu, but this employee would prefer to have that time paid out to meet an unexpected expense. Giving employees this control over their time accounts will improve their engagement and will also help to reduce time off liabilities for your organization; a win-win!

You can read more about this in an excellent blog by Ruchi Tandon from Product Management, and see more information here.

Team Absence Calendar Enhancements

What are they?

We were feeling quite good about this blog up until this point, and now feel even more pleased with ourselves. Why? Because we have enhanced the team absence calendar – one of our most requested and popular enhancement idea submissions – as voted by you, the customer in our Customer Influence tool. Now, higher level managers can see employee absences multiple levels down in their organization, and your employees can look up the availability of their colleagues beyond just their team as defined by the org chart or cost center.

In addition, you asked to be able to choose to view the calendar for the week or the whole month.

Ask and you shall receive!

How do they help with the employee experience?

Again, “let us…on your imaginary forces work*” to present a situation where one of your managers has an important month-long, cross-team project coming up that she needs to staff, and she needs to know who is going to be in the office that month. Now she can select the employees required knowing that they will be able to join this ad hoc team.

In addition, for those of us who are not high-level managers, how many times have you tried to set up an important meeting or even a day long workshop for colleagues within your organization, only for your plans to be the met with numerous out-of-office replies. Controlled by role-base permissions, you can now check the absence calendar for colleagues who are not part of your immediate team to ascertain the best date.

More information

Integration Updates

What are they?

We have two major improvements to our integration capabilities:

Firstly, daily planned working time is automatically replicated to payroll, so that you no longer need to maintain work schedules in Employee Central Time and Employee Central Payroll in parallel.

More information here.

Secondly, you can now load shift working time from external shift planning applications into Employee Central Time Management, so that this working time can be evaluated for accrual calculations and employee payout.

More information here.

How do they help with the employee experience?

This significantly reduces effort for both Time and Payroll administrators, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership of this solution and lowering the risk of manual human error.

Where can I found out more about the 1H 2020 Release?

For information on release highlights across the SuccessFactors suite, see this blog.

I also recommend that you follow my colleague, volker.ruof on this community for deeper dives into more of the new enhancements in this, future and past releases.
(* Name the play this quote comes from. No prize to be won, beyond the warm glow of satisfaction that you are very well-read, or at the very minimum you are really good at Googling!)