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Thanks to Onboarding Product Manager satyabrata_chayani for his collaboration on this post.



SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding 1.0 customers can leverage the latest home page for the manager / participant experience.

You can find the details on the latest home page in the below guide:

In this blog, I would like to highlight the Hiring Manager and Participant experience in SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding 1.0 on the latest home page.



  • You are using / have implemented SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding 1.0

  • Your Onboarding process includes Post-Hire Verification as the first and mandatory step and other Hiring Manager activities have been configured

  • The Latest Home Page should be enabled for end users

You can find detailed guide on how to activate the latest home page on the SAP Help Portal:

Customers can upgrade to the latest home page as part of the 1H 2022 release if not done already. Customers are requested to refer  the help guide and this blog to continue to have a smooth experience after adopting the latest Home Page.


Experience on the legacy Home Page

Let’s start with the previous Home Page experience of Hiring Manager and other participants who are responsible for validating new hire information and completing Post-Hire Verification Step. .

On the legacy Home Page, participants (HR Admins, IT Specialists, Facilities team, etc.) and Hiring Managers get To-Do tiles to complete their tasks: “Onboarding Manager Activities”, “Onboarding Tasks” and “Approve Requests”.

  1. “Onboarding Manager Activities” includes writing welcome message, assigning a buddy, providing useful links to new hire, setting up meetings, goals and furnish equipment tasks.

  2. “Onboarding Tasks” is for completing Post-Hire Verification step.

  3. “Approve Request” tile is for approving and completing equipment request initiated by Hiring Manager. For example, request to order laptop, phone, arrange badge, parking space, etc.

These tasks are also accessible using the to-do alert icon in the page header and can be viewed in the To Do List side panel (right top corner).

On the Picture 1, you may find two options for each role (Manager/Participants) on how to navigate and complete their task on the Legacy Home Page.


Picture 1. Options to complete the same task by Manager (“1”)/Participant (“2”) via Home Page or side panel


Participant who is responsible for approving equipment requests will receive a notification about new task and a new To-Do tile “Approve Request” will be created on the Home Page:

Picture 2. To-Do tile to approve equipment requests


Upon clicking on this “Approve Request” tile participant will find a detailed list of all  pending tasks:

Picture 3. Pop-up window with Furnish Equipment tasks


Experience on the Latest Home Page

On the Latest Home page, these To-Do tiles won’t be available on the home page itself but can be accessed from the to-do alert icon in the page header and viewed in the To Do List side panel.

Picture 4. The Latest Home Page experience for Hiring Manager/Participants


The rest of the process steps on the Latest Home Page for these participants will not change.

Picture 5. Popup window for selecting Onboarding task


  • Other Participants can access the “Equipment for New Hire” via to-do alert icon in the page header and also through “Approvals” card on the Latest Home Page.

Both options help participants to navigate to the page with pending approval requests for new hires’ equipment.

Picture 6. Options available for Participants to navigate to their Onboarding tasks

Picture 7. Onboarding equipment requests page and options to approve/decline/add comment by workflow participant



What will remain the same

Apart from the above, the standard option for Hiring Managers and Participants to access their tasks from module picker will still be available.

  • Under main menu, select ”On/Offboarding 1.0” and navigate to the dashboard.

Picture 8. Navigating to On/Offboarding 1.0 dashboard via module picker


On the dashboard, participants can select a process (for example, “US Onboarding”), then filter the step “Post-Hire Verification” and perform other tasks.

Picture 9. Navigating to Post-Hire Verification tasks by Participant

  • Hiring Manager can also navigate to “Onboarding 1.0 Manager Activities” tasks via the module picker.

In the “On/Offboarding 1.0 Dashboard”, under “New Hire Activities” tab the Hiring Manager will see pending tasks.


Picture 10. Navigating to Hiring Manager’s activities


  • Participants can approve equipment requests via Home Page tile on the old home page and through a card in the latest home page



Hope this blog post gives you an overview of Manager / Participant experience in SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding 1.0 with the Latest Home Page.

Hiring Manager/Participant have flexibility to navigate to their tasks via the Home Page or module picker and perform them accordingly.

Please feel free to add your feedback or thoughts in the comment section of this blog post.

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