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Product and Topic Expert
We’ve all been there. It’s performance review time. Whether you’re an executive, a manager, or an individual contributor, we can all agree that performance reviews aren’t something to look forward to. That’s because they are time consuming, subjective, and archaic. In fact, they’re one of the most stressful conversations employees have all year, which has a dramatic impact on the employee experience.

Most performance reviews follow a similar structure:

  • Understand each employee’s key contributions over the review period (typically 1 year)

  • Determine what each employee’s strengths and weaknesses are

  • Evaluate each employee against their objectives, goals, and peers

  • Determine which employees receive better or worse compensation, responsibility, and title

The old performance review is built with the desire to stack rank employees from best to worst often with little concern over how fair, accurate, or engaging the process is. It’s no surprise this can lead to hyper competitive, toxic cultures which is why industry leaders are doing away with that system.

Today’s HR innovators are restructuring performance reviews to be more fluid, ongoing conversations that empower the employee to feel ownership over their performance, professional growth, and career mobility. So how can we use software to make that transition as fun and simple as possible?

The evolving workplace

Work is changing faster than ever. Multiple workplace trends are making it easier to run a global company and employee engagement technology can enable smarter, more productive, and more real-time performance conversations. Did you know:

At SAP SuccessFactors, we’ve built a robust platform to capture real-time feedback that rolls up to a complete performance picture with SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals. We’re excited to extend that functionality into the tools employees use day in and day out like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Hangouts chat via our SAP.iO partner, Disco, to celebrate moments that matter when and where they happen.

Let’s Disco

Disco works by integrating into the most common enterprise communication platforms to make giving feedback as easy as sending a message. This lower friction creates viral cultural moments that increases awareness and exposure of the victories and cultural pillars meant to be reinforced through real-time recognition.

All you need to do is type the word “kudos” and Disco makes it easy to share when a coworker does something great. Tag a company value or goal and watch as the whole team celebrates the accomplishment.

The average employee interacts with Disco over 10x per month meaning the velocity of feedback is accelerating. This also means employees are having more frequent performance conversations to actually adjust behavior which has a more instant impact on their satisfaction and contribution to the business.

Tight connection to SAP SuccessFactors

All of this employee engagement is shared directly with SAP SuccessFactors. With Disco’s bi-directional integration, all the real-time feedback gathered from Slack, Microsoft Teams, and others is shared instantly with SAP SuccessFactors Continuous Performance Management.

This means that employees have a plethora of peer and manager feedback already on their profile when 1-1s and performance reviews roll around.

All of the feedback is now filterable by core company values, goals, or any other attribute you setup in the Disco or SAP SuccessFactors Performance modules.

Putting the employee in the center

The new performance review makes it easy for employees to better understand what they’re doing well, what their peers and managers think of their performance, all in a much more real-time capacity. These bite-sized pieces of feedback have large, long-term benefits to managers and employees alike.

We at SAP SuccessFactors are excited to empower our customers and partners to further innovate on the performance review to make employees happier and companies more productive.

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