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Recently I was asked to participate in a podcast regarding recruiting technology and how small businesses can filter through the clutter of information and solutions out there. Feel free to listen to the whole podcast series as well as topics on effectively evaluating candidates, challenges of SMB recruiting, and building talent pipelines.

It is my belief that regardless of company size there is a commonality of issues recruiters face, it is just a matter of the intensity of those issues that varies based on size, industry, location, etc. There is one thing that needs to ring true across all business sizes, and even more so for smaller businesses – pragmatism.

I am a firm believer of looking at what you are trying to do and boiling it down to doing a few things really well before you start thinking beyond those core things. For example, a great starting point is to ask yourself one basic question: Do I have too few or too many applicants?

By answering this question you can begin your quest to finding the right technology.

You can answer this question, regardless of your size, by first looking at where you are sourcing. If you are limiting yourself to Craigslist, your social channels and maybe Indeed, you are not reaching enough candidates, and hence your low applicant flow. What is your SEO strategy for your jobs? What other ways can you post simply and effectively? If you have too many candidates, look at more niche, specialized job boards rather than the big guys. Focus on how you word your job descriptions to zero in on target candidates. And finally, spend a bit of time looking at where you have found quality candidates in the past and try to mirror those successes.

There is a lot more that we covered in the podcast, but hopefully this is a teaser to get you thinking about what matters to your business.

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