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I may be dating myself, but there was a time when this was a common way of marketing jobs internally and externally. You would often see these boards posted in the front lobbies of business's   and in the break rooms and hallways. You would also find jobs posted at the mall and shopping center's posted on boards in the entrance way of business's .. though it was simplistic in it's approach, it was not an ideal candidate experience and any reporting on where hires came from , was nearly impossible.

Companies relied on the foot traffic of those locations and crossed their fingers that the right talent would walk in the door and see their jobs, write down the information and then go home and actually take the next step to send in a resume or request an application be sent to them. This only further impacted time to fill and ability for business's to quickly keep up with demand. Luckily for us, job boards have taken on a whole new meaning in the world of recruiting. More than ever automation and strategy on where and when to post are becoming more important than ever before.


Let's explore 5 top tips to ensure jobs distribution success when using SuccessFactors Recruiting Posting

Tip #1   Permissions

Depending on the size and industry of your company, this can mean many things when it comes to job distribution. Complexity around types of jobs and the different recruiters who are responsible for those jobs. Global companies add another layer of complexity, as they try to navigate the 1,000's of job boards around the world. University recruiting also creates complexity with recruiters posting jobs to colleges. In each one of these scenarios, you have different types of individuals who are responsible for making decisions on where jobs will be posted and how you will post them.

Utilizing the permissions feature from within Recruiting Posting ensures you can control who has access to certain boards and sources. This makes it very easy and intuitive for your recruiters to focus on those boards, that are most relevant, while also ensuring slots on boards are properly maintained.

Every user requires a posting profile to post jobs.Use posting profiles to tailor your company organization by brand, location, contract type and so on.

Posting profiles are used to define to what job boards, job board configurations, and job board contracts a recruiter can access. These posting profiles are available to synchronized Recruiting users. Recruiters use these profiles to process their job postings; You can assign one posting profile to several recruiters and one recruiter can have any number of different posting profiles. Only users assigned a posting profile can post jobs.

Configured company descriptions are automatically retrieved into the job posting form as well. You can set the company descriptions in the languages your Recruiters need in the posting profile. You can set several company descriptions - default ones and optional ones. You can add, edit, and remove company descriptions at every level of your company organization (root, group, or posting profile level). Company descriptions are prepopulated in available languages in the job requisition to the job posting. 

By controlling who can see what boards makes it much easier for recruiters to choose what sources are relevant to their jobs and ensure consistency in where job are posted.

Tip#2 Job Posting Rules

Posting jobs can be very time consuming for recruiters and lets just admit, it, its not exactly the most fun thing to do either. Likewise, it can also be hard to know exactly what boards are best to post to. Imagine if there was a way to automate this process and reduce the time and effort and even select the sources that are best!

Recruiting Posting utilizes posting rules functionality to prepopulate fields and even post jobs based on activities the recruiters are taking in the system when posting jobs. 98% of all posting fields are supported today!


Example: If "Country" is "Germany", then select posting profile "Hamburg Office"

When the rule's requirement is fulfilled, the "Posting Profile selection" step is skipped for the recruiter


This will surely make the lives of your recruiters much easier when it comes to posting jobs!


Tip #3 XML Feeds

Some posting needs no pick and post capability and really deserves to be out of sight and mind for recruiters. Boards that are required for meeting OFCCP Compliance requirements or are simply a good source for ALL jobs such as an aggregator like Indeed.

XML Feeds can be set up at the time of configuring Recruiting Posting by professional services to ensure that certain sources automatically receive those jobs and recruiters need to do nothing more than to simply post the job externally on the career site.


Tip#4 Advanced Analytics

As important as it is, to make it easy to post and more importantly to attract the right talent, it is equally as critical in your job distribution strategy to understand what is and is NOT working. Ensuring you can easily report on and share key information to recruiters and sr. leaders about where talent is coming from and investments that the company is making in time and budget is essential.

Historically source information was driven by candidates and they determined what source they were coming from at the point of application. This set’s up a whole host of reporting issues around the validity of the source they came from as well as only capturing source information at the time of apply, but what about other times they may return to view jobs and don’t apply or when they join your talent community etc? These key touchpoints are also important.

Advanced Analytics ensures all data is captured automatically when using Recruiting Posting and Career Site Builder to distribute your jobs and does not rely on candidates self -identifying the source. This data is also captured pre apply, and then tied to post apply activities to ensure clear line of sight from 1st click thru to hire in one report! This allows everyone to easily access and view data in real time to help drive smarter decisions about your job distribution strategy and which sources are truly netting out quality candidates and hires.


Tip#5 Source Tracker

The goal of automating job distribution is always the end game, however occasionally, there are circumstance which warrant a recruiter to conduct a one off posting with a source that is not set up such as niche boards or social media postings. They may also require off line marketing for events and other recruiting activities. Regardless, these activities will also want to be tracked for ROI purposes and source effectiveness reasons.

Source Tracker is a great way for recruiters to easily append URL's to job pages or pages within the Career Site Builder career site for marketing purposes. The source tracker will allow those that have permissions access to select source type and add campaign tracking code which can then be linked back to Advanced Analytics for deeper tracking.

Ensuring your recruiters are adopting this feature will ensure deeper data and analytics later for making smarter decisions on where and how you post and distribute your jobs.



These 5 tips will help to drive value across your organization from efficiencies in job distribution, to accessing data to help drive decisions regarding what sources are working best for your business. There is no reason why you need to ever again wonder if your investments are working for you or not and if you recruiter are spending too much time on them.


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