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Product and Topic Expert

Now is the time that we fully embrace the new support experience and salute our old friend the SAP ONE Support Launchpad which successfully served our customers and partners over the course of last years. Based on your feedback, SAP strives to provide a harmonized and integrated support experience for all SAP solutions.

As a major step in this direction, we are excited to announce that starting June 29th, 2023, SAP for Me became your central entry point for SAP support, alerts, metrics, and insights into your SAP product portfolio. SAP ONE Support Launchpad homepage has been deprecated and any bookmarked link automatically redirects to SAP for Me.


For those of you who haven’t used SAP for Me yet, here are several resources to support you for a smooth transition:


Here is an overview of important things to know:

1. Personalized Onboarding

If you are starting to use SAP for Me for the first time, you are invited to personalize your homepage. By telling us what you’re working with and what tasks are important for you, we can identify the cards you need and put them on your SAP for Me home page to get you started.

Your previous usage of SAP ONE Support Launchpad tiles is taken into consideration and some topics are preselected automatically to better suit your needs.

Read more about the New Personalized Onboarding to SAP for Me Home Page | SAP Blogs.

2. ‘Get Support’ application (replacing former ‘Incident Wizard’)

The new ‘Get Support’ application uses artificial intelligence to predict the right product categorization and recommend the most suitable support channel and solution to resolve your product issue faster and more efficiently!

‘Get Support’ is a central access point to all channels if you need help with a product issue: ‘Report a Case’, Expert Chat, Schedule an Expert, Ask an Expert Peer (will be integrated later), and SAP Community.

We changed the terminology from ‘Incident’ to ‘Case’, ‘Case’ is the new name for getting help for technical product issues.

Read more about Why choosing the right system and product will help resolve your product issue faster and the New ‘Get Support’ Application and Structure of Services & Support Dashboard.

Get support.png

3. ‘Support Knowledge Search’

Access a world-class intelligent search and relevancy platform, powered, and automatically tuned by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Analytics will help to enhance the relevancy of the results even further over time. Type-ahead suggestions serve relevant content and answers quickly with automatic query completion and intelligently ranked results.

Read more about Leverage the brand new ‘Support Knowledge Search’ in SAP for Me.

4. How to navigate in SAP for Me

Previously you used ‘tiles’ in SAP ONE Support Launchpad to perform your support related tasks, e.g., ‘Report an Incident’ or ‘License Keys’. Now in SAP for Me you can find them in ‘dashboards’ displayed as ‘cards’:


a. Search bar: You can use the search to find and navigate to more information. The result list displays all findings organized into categories such as SAP Support Knowledge Base, Dashboards and Pages, Downloads, Contacts, Products, Licenses, and more. There are quick actions available in your search results: you can e.g., directly call a contact or download a support package.

b. Communication center: You can find your notifications here.

c. Shopping card: Can be used in case you would like to buy licenses.

d. Your profile: Information about your accounts, contact preference, email, etc. You can change the S-user contact details in ‘My Company Info’- ‘S-User Contact Details’ card.

Please be aware that the language and time zone in ‘My Account’ will not change the SAP for Me display language & time zone. The language currently depends on your browser setting, time zone (e.g., time displayed for Schedule an Expert) depends on your PC time. A feature enhancement will enable you to specify the preferred language within the SAP for Me settings later in 2023.

e. Home page: You can leverage and customize the home page, so that it serves as the starting point to reach every important application with one click. To customize it, click ‘Edit’ on the upper right side of page and choose what you need from the ‘Card Catalog’.

f. Calendar: You can see the important event dates e.g., planned maintenance for cloud services, license key expiry, Schedule an Expert or Schedule a Manager sessions, SAP Security Patch Days, etc. in one single view. Clicking on the event, you will be able to see more details of it or join your Schedule an Expert/ Schedule a Manager session directly.

g. Sidebar: It is divided into a set of ‘Dashboards’ containing all data and functions SAP for Me offers. Depending on your role, you will either only see the customer or partner dashboard or both. You can collapse it to gain more space on the right side.

h. Feedback Slider: We offer dedicated channels for specific purposes: You can suggest new features, share your opinion, and report technical issues like an error or unexpected behavior.

i. Footer: Easily access the online ‘Help’ and in case you’d like to get in touch with SAP, click ‘Contact Us’.

Read more about How to provide feedback or report cases (incidents) for SAP for Me.

5. ‘Get Assistance’

We have compiled the help and support information about SAP for Me in one central location, called ‘Get Assistance’. It is currently offered on the

  • Finance & Legal
  • Portfolio & Products
  • Services & Support
  • Systems & Provisioning
  • Users & Contacts

dashboards as well as for general and cross-topics, like user profile, notifications, or calendar.


Each section within ‘Get Assistance’ contains two cards:

  • A ‘Dashboard’ card with links to the most important help and support content, the newly designed ‘Online Help’, ‘Frequently Asked Questions’, and ‘Known Issues’, a collection of known SAP for Me issues.
  • A ‘Good to Know’ card that lists hints or information about whom to contact in case of further questions.

20230703 get assistance2.png

A warm welcome to SAP for Me – It’s made for you!


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