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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

It’s well known that employee recognition improves job satisfaction, motivation, engagement, productivity and retention while having a positive impact on organizational culture and the company’s bottom line.  However, recognition is not one-size-fits-all as some recognition programs boost short-term motivation while others promote long-term commitment.  Therefore, it’s important to offer a variety of programs that support different types of recognition methods including years of service, employee of the month, life milestones, performance and behavior-based rewards. It’s critical that these rewards are personalized and meaningful to each employee to maximize their impact, however, this can be administratively burdensome when managing multiple programs.

Custom points and multiple redemption wallets in Reward and Recognition

With the First Half 2022 SAP SuccessFactors Release, personalizing your reward and recognition programs just got easier!  We’re thrilled to share that we’ve enhanced our reward and recognition capabilities to give you greater flexibility in administering your programs. You can now configure and manage programs using mass upload, custom points, and multiple wallets.  Custom points earned through these programs can be earmarked for specific catalogs from our redemption partners. For example, in support of a company health initiative, you can celebrate your employees’ wellness accomplishments with points-based rewards which can be redeemed from a specific wellness catalogue, while points earned from a learning program can only be redeemed from a learning catalogue. This improves process efficiency while enabling you to personalize rewards to better incentivize employees and increase engagement.

Image 1: Multiple redemption wallets for Reward and Recognition


Expanded support for milestone awards with life events

It’s important that recognition not only focus on achievements in the workplace, but that it also recognizes personal milestones which are independent from the employee’s performance.

With the 1H 2022 release, we’ve expanded the milestone awards framework to support life events. You can now create additional “moments that matter to me” by recognizing employee birthdays with points-based awards.  This enhancement provides greater administrative efficiency when managing multiple award programs.


Image 2: Milestone award to support employee birthday life event


Help text for columns on the compensation worksheet

And, that’s not all!  Finally, with this release we have improved the planning experience with help text embedded on the compensation worksheet columns. This provides additional context to planners for unfamiliar terms or business processes, and reduces the need for training on more complex processes.

We are excited to offer these enhancements and capabilities to help your organization run at its best. For an overview of key updates across the SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite, watch Amy Wilson’s highlights video. To learn more about all of the innovations in the First Half 2022 Release, visit the What’s New Viewer or read our Release Highlights Brochure. For access to all release resources, visit the product release information page on the SAP SuccessFactors Community (registration required).