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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

I hope you, your family, and friends are doing well during this uncertain time of COVID-19.

As I have done in the past, I want to give you a short overview of my personal highlights of our First Half 2020 SAP SuccessFactors Release.

First, I would like to make sure that you noticed that the delivery date of the production release is now June 5. The Coronavirus health crisis has presented each of us with unforeseen challenges, and we know that HR teams are focused finding ways how to manage this crisis. Because of this, we decided to extend the preview window to 8 weeks to give you more time to prepare for the new release. Find out more about this decision on the SAP SuccessFactors Community.

Now, let’s continue with my personal highlights of our 1H release.

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Time & Attendance Management

This release delivers a ton of enhancements for Employee Central Time and Attendance Management, but two stand out for me: Flextime and the enhancements in team absence calendar.

With a flexible time (Flextime) policy employees can choose when they start and finish their working day – of course all required hours must be worked. With this release you can provide your employees the flexibility around a “bandwidth” period. The system alerts employee, managers, and time admins when the employee work outside this bandwidth. Flextime is very popular as it helps to have a better work-life balance and helps you as an employer to be compliant with regional regulations and union rules.

Many of you asked for enhancements for the team calendar. We listened to you and enhanced the team absence calendar. With role-based permissions you can allow employees to see the availability not only of their team members, they also can be given authorizations to look up calendars beyond their team. In addition, they can choose between a weekly or monthly view.

To learn more about all our Time and Attendance enhancements, read the blog of our subject matter expert, Paul Meredith,  on key feature in Time and Attendance Management here.

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting

If you have read my past blogs, you know that I worked in HR. We often faced the challenge of mass hiring, which was always a time-consuming project. I’m happy that we now support high-volume hiring in our Recruiting solution and can help your recruiters be more efficient.

Also in Recruiting, through integration with Employee Experience Management solutions from SAP, we’ve made it easy for you to embed surveys into the Career Site. You can now gather sentiment data to assess the candidate experience and based on the insights take the right steps to improve it. We’ve also embedded these capabilities in other areas of the Suite such as Performance and Goals.

A more detailed update on Recruiting can be found in this blog from our subject matter expert, Carolyn Beal. I will add the link here as soon as available.

SAP SuccessFactors Succession and Development

For Succession and Development, I would like to mention two enhancements. First, in talent pools you now can track employee talent-pool history from a single view. The history includes information about new nominations, changes, removals and shows who made the changes. In addition, you can filter and drill-down which helps you to analyze talent pools easily.

Furthermore, time stamps are added in calibration; with this feature comments are time stamped to allow for better tracking.


SAP SuccessFactors Learning

For Learning we delivered a new administrator interface which will provide your administrators a better overall experience. This new interface is not only about a new and consistent design. Within this new interface you find the most frequent tasks at your fingertips and an optimized navigation. In addition, we introduce a more relatable terminology. Read this blog by our subject matter expert Margit Bauer to learn more on our highlights for SAP SuccessFactors Learning.


Those are my major highlights in the 1H 2020 release, but there is a lot more! Read our 1H 2020 Release Highlights document.

Listen to Meg Bear, SVP of Product & Engineering at SAP SuccessFactors, to learn more about this release.


More information such as the new "What's New" viewer, registrations/recordings to our Q&A sessions and much more can be found on the product update pages in our SAP SuccessFactors Community (registration required).

Check back into this blog as I will add links to detailed highlights blogs about, which will be posted over the next few days. Those are about highlights in

Our next release is planned for second half of 2020. We’ll send you a summary of release highlights shortly beforehand.


If you want to know “SAP’s response to COVID-19”, read this blog. In addition, I would recommend reading this blog, which gives you an overview which SAP technologies can help employees, companies, communities, and governments continue to move forward and can be accessed free of charge.

Stay safe and healthy

Beate Baumbeck


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