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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
While trying to delete Dynamic Group you might have observed an error "This group cannot be deleted when it is in use." Have you wondered is there a way to find where exactly it is in use? Of course if you have maintained proper documentations during the implementations then you can always refer to that and figure out where exactly this Dynamic Group is used. However if you are looking for a method to find it directly from system, then please continue reading.

Finding Dynamic Group Id

Use browser tool to find the Dynamic group Id. Before you click on the delete icon, open browser tool and filter for ".dwr".  Check the payload of service call deleteGroupData.dwr and get the dynamic group id as below.

Dynamic Group Id

Use Data Inspector to find the list

Ensure that you have the relevant permission by checking the Manage System Properties > Data Inspector.

Data Inspector Permission

Now, navigate to Admin Center > Data Inspector.

Finding DG(Dynamic Group) use in DR (Dynamic Role)

Select Entity as "Table_FO_DYNAMIC_ROLE_ASSIGNMENT" and define filters as Dynamic Group ID = 1651 (Value found from browser tool). Note down the Dynamic Role Id from the results.

Dynamic Role Id from Dynamic Group Id

Now, Select Entity as "TTable_FO_DYNAMIC_ROLE" and define filters as Internal Code = 3 / 1 (Dynamic Role Id found from previous step). This will give the Dynamic Role details in which Dynamic Group is referenced.

Dynamic Role from DR Id


Dynamic Role

Once you remove the DG reference in DR, you will be able to delete it.

Finding DG use in Workflow FO

In similar way you can find the Workflow FO configurations in which DG is referenced, however this reference will not prevent you from deleting DG.

Find Workflow Step Id from DG Id as below.

Workflow Step Id

Find Workflow Config Id from Step Id as below.

Workflow Config Id

Find Workflow FO Code from config Id

Workflow FO Code

Workflow FO in which DG is referenced

Workflow FO


That’s it. If you have any questions or feedback, leave me a comment.

Best Regards,