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Product and Topic Expert
With the H1 2021 release comes long awaited functionality around Executive Review Enhanced Filters. The new filter options allow a user to create and customise their own filters to assess, compare, and analyse compensation data.  Many of my customers user the Compensation Executive Review functionality to conduct their moderation or calibration process and this really is a game changer for this use case.

Enabling the New Filters

The new filters are enabled by switching on ‘Enable advanced executive review filters’ under Actions for all plans> Company Settings> Manage Company Settings

There are several new components to the filter functionality.

1. Population Filter

Access the new population filter in Executive Review by clicking on the first icon on the menu bar.  By default when first enabled, this should be set to ‘All Employees’.

The population filter option contains some of the previous filter functionality found in the legacy tool including being able to view the population by Team, HR Reports, Matrix Reports and Custom Manager.  New functionality includes being able to filter on both the Second and Team Manager hierarchies and the individual user filter now allows the manual selection of several unrelated employees for review.

By using the ‘Find User’ option from the population filter, I can select multiple individual employees to review at the same time.

With the exception of the ‘Find User’ filter, all the population filters can be used in combination with the custom filters explained below.


2. Custom Filters

Access the new custom filter options in Executive Review by clicking on the second filter icon on the menu bar.

Here you can create custom filters based on the data in your worksheet to use in your Executive Review screen.  I have created four sample filters for the purpose of this blog, but an end user can create any possible filter combinations to drill down into the population they would like to review.  Once a user creates an Executive Review filter, they are available each time that user accesses the Executive Review screen for this template.


Let’s look at each filter example:

High Compa-Ratio - This filter displays all employees who have a compa-ratio greater than 110%.


High Performers – This filter displays all employees who have an overall performance rating of 4 or 5 on the rating scale.


High Performer Low in Band – This filter looks at high performers (5 rating) who are also sitting low or below in their salary band (range penetration less than 10%)


Part Time Employees – This filter looks at the part time employee population.


A few important notes:

  • Custom filters are created per template by the end user.

  • Only one custom filter can be applied at a time but one filter can contain multiple conditions

  • Remember, filters are STICKY!  This means that Executive Review will not reset your filters when you leave the screen.  Always double check your filters if the expected population is not appearing.

By using the population and custom filters, you will be able to use Executive Review to further segment or drill down on the employee population for calibration purposes.