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Product and Topic Expert

Onboarding and Offboarding are two important milestones in any employee's journey. Onboarding provides opportunities for employers to convert a new hire into a motivated employee. On the other hand, a smooth Offboarding enables employers to not only build a solid alumni group but also leverage previous employees for brand advocacy, business development and talent acquisition.

Hence, it's critical for employers to continuously capture feedback to understand challenges as part of Onboarding / offboarding and course correct to close experience gaps. This has become even more important in the new normal to make employee experience holistic and meaningful.

In this blog post, we will explore how customers can leverage Qualtrics to capture feedback during Onboarding and Offboarding.


  1. SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding (2.0) enabled from provisioning and setup completed

  2. You must have a Qualtrics license, admin login and customer tenant URL

  3. Qualtrics license for Lifecycle projects and account information

  4. Qualtrics enabled in Upgrade Center

  5. Intelligent Services is enabled

  6. Access to an SFTP server to send employee data

  7. Enable email survey RBP permissions as mentioned here

  8. All permissions under Qualtrics and SAP SuccessFactors should be enabled as mentioned here

  9. For details on integrating SAP SuccessFactors with Qualtrics refer Integrating SAP SuccessFactors with Qualtrics


Step 1: Set up the lifecycle survey in Qualtrics

  1. Login into Qualtrics using the admin account to create the survey to be sent over email. You could include specific questions based on business requirements as well as import questions from the Qualtrics library.

  2. Select the Qualtrics ID of the survey created and create an OAuth Client - Make sure you capture the client ID and secret to be used for setting up the integration with SAP SuccessFactors.

Step 2: Sync new hire / employee data between SAP SuccessFactors and Qualtrics

This step consists of - sending employee data to a SFTP server and importing this data from the SFTP location into Qualtrics.

Step a: Configure Qualtrics Business Scenario in Integration Center

  1. This step is required to export new hire data (User ID, First Name, Last Name and email ID) from SAP SuccessFactors into an SFTP location and Qualtrics.

  2. Activate the Qualtrics Integration Definition - Basic User Export to SFTP business scenario.

  3. Edit the business scenario and "Export the Integration Definition"

Step b: Import the Integration Definition and configure integration within Integration Centre

  1. Make sure the requisite fields are configured and then set up the corresponding filter conf. user status in integration center.

  2. Set up the destination settings of the sftp location, credentials, key and other details to which the user export will be uploaded for syncing into Qualtrics.

  3. You can also schedule the export based on your business requirements.

Step c: Automate the import of new hire data into Qualtrics

  1. Within Directories -> Employee Directory create a new automation and schedule the automation to import new hire data from SFTP into Qualtrics - based on conf. schedules within SF.

  2. Configure the SFTP credentials

  3. Next, map the data fields within source file onto the Qualtrics directory and enable the automation. Send additional data to Qualtrics as needed

Step 3: Outbound OAuth conf. from Qualtrics API

  1. Create an Outbound OAuth configuration within Integration Centre -> Security Centre

  2. Configure the OAuth type, Client Credentials (captured in step 1), .URL from Qualtrics and Token method should be Post.

This video provides a quick overview of the configuration for Qualtrics email surveys to be sent to Onboarding new hires (configurations will be same for internal hire and Offboarding flows).

Step 4: Set up Qualtrics integration for email surveys

The next step is to create the email survey integration from the Manage Qualtrics Integration page. Emails can be sent for Onboarding (external new hires), Crossboarding (internal hires) and Offboarding (employees leaving a firm) process. Configurations maintained in this page will be used to send Qualtrics survey emails to the participants whenever the specific event is triggered.

  1. In the Manage Qualtrics Integrations page, create a new integration and provide a name. Product Area will be "Onboarding" for external hires, internal hires or offboardees.

  2. For event name, select

"External User Eligible for Hire" in case of Onboarding,

"Internal Hire Process Completed" in case of Crossboarding and

"Initiate Offboarding" in case of Offboarding

  1. Survey Recipient and Business Scenario Name fields are read only and based on the earlier values selected

  2. Select the OAuth Configuration created in step 3

  3. Project ID will be the project code created in Qualtrics

Below is a sample screenshot of the Manage Qualtrics Integrations page

Manage Qualtrics Integration

Users will then receive an email with the Qualtrics survey through which they can provide feedback on their Onboarding, Crossboarding or Offboarding experience.


Using the configuration steps above, customers can integrate SAP SuccessFactors with Qualtrics and send out email surveys to external and internal hires as part of the Onboarding process and to terminated employees as part of the Offboarding process. Capturing experiences during these critical phases will help employers to measure, understand and continuously improve employee experiences.

In case you have questions / feedback please post them in the comments section.