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Introduction: -

With Cloud Hybrid HCM solution being implemented in so many businesses nowadays we as consultants are asked to implement so many enhancements which were part of the on-premise system onto the cloud solution.

Here is one such scenario I came across.

Business had enhanced a standard infotype by adding additional fields in their ECP system and needed those fields on the mashup screen as well.

Before we start with the mashup configuration we must ensure that

  • Additional fields are already added on infotype level in the ECP system. Example Infotype 0220 is enhanced to have 3 additional fields.

Enhanced Infotype Screen with Additional Fields

  • EC-ECP configuration is working and standard mashup for the infotype is configured so that data is either replicated to payroll or maintained in Employee Central using mashups.

Mashup Link on EC screen


In this blog we will see what configurations will be required to bring the additional fields on the mashup UI as well.

Solution and Steps: -

Go to Mash-up screen and right click and select ‘Technical Help’ to find the Web-dynpro and component names. Standard Mashup uses the configuration for webdynpro HRPAO_PAOM_MASTERDATA and the FPM used is FPM_FORM_UIBB_GL2.Under the FPM, we find the component configuration for the infotype that is used in Mashup.

In our example, it is HRPAO_DTL_FORM_IT0220_AU

Technical-Help screen

Login to the corresponding ECP system and go to transaction SE80.

Open the FPM component FPM_FORM_UIBB_GL2 we found in Step 1 and drill down to the correct Component Configurations for the infotype.

Double click and click on ‘Start Configurator’

SE80 screen

When the component opens up on the web browser click on Display and find the Feeder Class.

Component Configurator

Go to the Feeder Class Parameter and find the BOL Component and Object

Details of Feeder Class

Now go to transaction GENIL_MODEL_BROWSER and enter component HRPAD and Display.


Now under Abstract Structure, we find the Attribute structure HCMT_BSP_PA_AU_R0220 for IT0220.

Abstract Object for IT0220

Double clicking will take us to the structure. Here we can find the customer include for IT0220.


We can add the same fields from the infotype screen which are additionally required on the Mash-up screen.


Activate the structure.

These steps assure the new fields are available to be added to the mash-up screen.

Additionally, use the HRPAD_R_EDIT_MODEL report to check infotypes to the HRPAD model has any error.

Once the fields are added to the structure, they available to be added on the UI.

Go to the Web browser where the FPM component is open. We click on Other Functions and Enhance.

Create Enhancement and Add the fields by creating a new Group as per screen requirements. Save the enhancement.

This adds the additional fields on the mash-up screen.

Enhanced UI screen with additional fields


With the above configuration steps, we now have the custom fields available on mashup as well to be used to enter data.

Here is how the end result will look on the mashup UI.

Final Mashup screen on EC with additional fields

Conclusion: -

Depending upon the business requirement we can use different infotypes as well using the same configurations and get the custom fields integrated on the UI.

The important point to note here is that this is done without writing BADI or a single piece of code and thus reducing the development efforts. Here we are essentially utilizing the logic already implemented for the infotype and extending them on the mashup UI.

Happy configuring 🙂


Note: - This blog does not describe the complete functionality on how to enhance the Webdynpros or enhance standard infotypes and is intended for consultants having technical knowledge.