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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Delegating workflows is a common requirement for most of the customers across regions

However, there are cases where customers would like to end the auto delegation on a certain date automatically i.e they would like to provide an end date for the same.

In EC currently, we do support turning on the delegation, but adding an end date is something which is not yet supported.  I am demonstrating a POC below based on which we can achieve this requirement.

We would be needing the following tools in SuccessFactors.

  • Custom MDF

    • Fields User (for which you need delegation)

    • Start Date (Date when you want to start delegation)

    • End Date (Date when you want to end the delegation)

    • Delegatee (user to whom you want to delegate)

  • Integration center

    • Start Delegation – This picks up the custom MDF records with a filter as “Start Date” and maps the fields to standard Delegation MDF “Auto Delegate Config” & “auto Delegate Details”

    • End Delegation - This picks up the custom MDF records with a filter as “End Date” and maps the fields to standard Delegation MDF “Auto Delegate Config” & “auto Delegate Details”

The Integration center job has to be set real time and on a daily basis

Setup of working scenario:

Custom MDF :

The Custom MDF is used to store the user preference like when to start Auto delgation and when to stop the same


Integration Center:

Delegation Start

Create new Integration type -> Select Scheduled, source & target both as ‘SuccessFactors ‘ : OData to OData integration


Select Starting entity as custom MDF and target MDF as auto delegate config


Set purge type as “Full” and operation as “Upsert Single”

Go to field mapping view and map the fields from custom MDF to Delegation config MDF

Fields mapped

“User” from custom MDF to “delegator”

“Delegatee (cust_delegatee)” from custom MDF to “delgatee”

Status has a default value “ON”

Always on is set to “YES”

Go to filer view and create a filter as shown below



This means pick only those records whose delegation has to start from today

Delegation End

The steps for delegation end are the almost same as before. You need to create another integration

However, there are few changes in mapping as shown below

Also, the filter is based on End Date. When the job run date == end date, the delegation has to be turned off automatically


Time to Test!!

  • From manage data, create two records of delegation for two users as shown below . You can create an config UI and embed the same in Employe Profile (PP3) PageFor simplicity and to demonstrate, I have the same start date and end date maintained. In a real-life scenario, these could be different

  • Run the Integration scenario “Delegation Start”. Before running verify that there are no delegations for above usersRecords are created for both employees with Auto Delegation “ON”Login as Karla Almeida and verify from quick links in home page that delegation is actually “ON”

  • Now run the “Delegation End”integration. This will pick up all records whose delegation end date is set to today() and turn off the delegation from “Auto Delegate Config” without manual intervention by employee  Login as Karla Almeida again and verify that Auto Delegation has been turned offThe Same can be seen in Manage data


With this, I conclude the demonstration of auto ending a delegation based on user's end date. The POC can be extended to real-life examples and scenarios.