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Dear reader,

This is continuation of my first blog on solving Mandatory Block Leave scenario.

Refer by first blog here :

Now that with EmployeeTime object, we have the Block Leave counter, it's time to monitor and alert employees.

This is done is few simple and standard steps.


Step1: Create a custom object e.g. BlockLeaveTracker. Minimum are these 3 fields but consultants can play around and add as much data they want into this and build a rich dashboard. E.g count how many times in a year did the employee take block leave more than 10 calendar days etc.


Step 2: Create onSave rule for this BlockLeaveTracker.

The above rule is self-explanatory. The idea is to look for employee’s record for a period and see if there is block leave counter more than 10 day (2 weeks for a 5 day working employee). This rule can be tweaked for customer’s requirement.

Step 3: Create a postSave rule for sending the alerts to employees. This process is a standard procedure (not related to Time) and hence I'm not diving deep to tell what needs to be done for alerts appearing on To-Do and/or emails etc.

Save both rules in the custom object.



Step 4 : Create an Integration Center between object User and custom object (in this case BlockLeaveTracker) created for block leave tracking.

Refer to part 1 of this solution for details on how to go from step 1 in creating the Integration Click Here

Create IC with Source object as User and Target as custom object created. Just drag and drop UserId from User to externalCode in custom object.

Create filters for IC based on your scenario (refer to part 1 of the blog ). The key is, when and how often you want to remind your employees to take block leave. Also, schedule it in a way that it runs after the Integration Center of EmployeeTime in part 1 of this solution is completed.


IC1 - EmployeeTime (part 1 of the blog) - run it per week and schedule it on weekend.

IC 2 – Block leave tracker - schedule it from when on how often you want to alert your employees (e.g., every month or quarter).

Ran the IC before taking block leave for the employee tested in part 1. BlockLeave taken is “No” for year 2021.

After IC was re-run

Post this, the alert job scheduled in provisioning system will run to pick-up employees with block leave as “no” and send them an alert.


It will not send to employees who have taken block leave. An email option is also included to notify the employee. The To-Do action will prompt employee to respond appropriately.

This concludes the mandatory block leave solution with automation.

Hope this helps !