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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Hello Community,

I'm working as a Product Manager for Employee Central Payroll and I would like to share with you the improvements we have made for the "Payroll Information Page" in the last release.

There are now three points that I want to explain you in this Blog:

1. Mandatory Infotypes

You have now the possibility to mark the infotypes in the configuration as mandatory. If you do so, then the red * will come before the infotype in the payroll information page.

How to do it?

  • Go to the "Unified Payroll Configuration page"

  • See the new checkbox for 'Required for Payroll'

  • Select the Checkbox according to your needs.

  • And the result in the payroll information page will be:



2. New Icon if data in infotype exists


The new icon after the infotype gives you an idea, if data is entered (or let's say existing)  in the infotype or not.

If no data is entered in the infotpye at all, we display this icon. (We do not check on any time slices, just if any data is existing.)

If some data is entered, we will not show this icon. (Small Hint: We decided only to read the data from the infotype if the infotpye is marked as mandatory. If we would do it for all infotypes the UI would be overloaded with too many icons.)

To use this new feature, you would need to setup the OAuth configuration. (See here)


3. Show the Replication Status


We decided to bring the last replication status to the payroll information page, just for your information. We show the latest replication status regardless of the Content type or if it was a Success or Failure.


We hope you will like the new features on the payroll information page and that it will make your work easier.


Where can I find more Information?


If you have any comments or questions please do reach out to me or leave a comment here.


Cornelia Storr

SAP Cloud Payroll Product Management