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Hello !

Several clients might require a scenario on how to automate salary increase or bonus amount in compensation info through changes made from Job Info. Or, how to increase contract salary amount upon completion of every year's contractual period. Each employee will have different contract end date or anniversary date and we need to build a solution that will automatically check these things and perform the desired operation.

The steps below will explain on how to achieve compensation automation and for this I will take a simple example .

Example: Upon completion of 1 year from the contract completion date, the basic salary of an employee should go from $1000 to $2000. This should be automated without any manual intervention from admin. Additionally this should be captured as Event Reason as per requirement in Job & Comp Info.


Contract End Date (date field) - Job Info

Salary Increase (double) - Job Info

Note: You can use the employment details (in People Profile) dates too for this as the rule would have base object as Employment Details.

To achieve the above scenario we need to perform  3 steps:

Step 1 activities:

Create a rule with base object as Employment Details. Use the below sample for your reference.

Note: I have written a rule with one month prior notice. Which means, if the employee has due increment on 15th August, this rule will create a future pending action on 15th July for August. This will enable HRADMIN to verify any data correctness with enough buffer time.



Step 2 activities:

Create an off-cycle event batch and schedule a job for it.

Go to "Manage Data" and create new "Off Cycle Event Batch".

Create a code - E.g. "Salary_Increase" and attach the rule from step 1 in Associate Rule field.

Make sure you use the same Base Object as used in the rule. In our case it would be "Employment Details".

Off-cycle Event Batch User group can be "Contract employees" which we need to create, however since the objective here is different, I'm not getting into details of Off Cycle Event Batch. I'm leaving it empty for now.

Ideally the frequency should be daily as this rule needs to run in background everyday to check if the contract date is today or exactly one month ahead according to our scenario.


Schedule a Job for the Off-cycle Event Batch created.

Use Job Type as - BizX Daily Rules Processing Batch


Step 3 activities:

Create rule with base object as "Job Information Model" and place it as 'onSave' of Job Info.


Now the setup is complete and execute the job. This will create Job Info record & Comp Info record with the Event Reason setup and the new compensation amount.


Sample output:

Job Info :


Comp Info: