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Hello Reader,

The reason for writing this blog is, we have a scenario in EC Payroll Time Sheet in which we cannot terminate employees retrospectively who are using “Duration” based time recording.

If you try terminating the user, it will error out saying that there are time sheet entries already for this date

Sample screen shot below:

As of 1711 release there is no standard solution for this. However, we achieve this by manual intervention. So lets see in this blog on how to correct it. Happy Reading 🙂 !

Scenario in which this error occurs:

In time recording profile (Go to Manage Data -> Time Recording Profile) – Refer to screen shot below.

Time Recording Variant -  Duration

Time Recording Method – Negative

What will happen with the above setting is that, employee doesn’t need to clock in his/her time in the time sheet unless there is a deviation. The time sheet auto populates the working hours from WorkSchedule and at the end of week it auto saves (either can go to approval or released as approved – depends).

Hence if you want to terminate an employee retrospectively to that of current date, the time sheet would have already booked the time for that employee. Hence the ‘Terminate’ action will not be completed with error message as stated above.

Sample Error Scenario: Employee 802988 – Andrea is being retro terminated on 31st January 2018 (Current date – 7th Feb 2018).

Termination fails with the error message as below:


Time entries up to termination date needs to be deleted. The following steps will help you understand how to perform this.

Step 1: Copy the External Code which is displayed in the error window.

Step 2: Go to Manage Data (1) and choose Employee Time Sheet (2) and paste the External Code in the Selection (3) area. Once the object is open choose Make Correction (4) and note there are entries of Overtime in dates 5th/6th and 7th Feb. Whereas our termination date is 31st January 2018.

If the posting to payroll has happened, you need to delete the entire Time Sheet Entry. In this case, choose “Permanently Delete Entry”

Note: Time Entries are display in weekly manner and hence if you want to delete multiple weeks, I will show the procedure further down in Additional Info section (info2) – so hold on 😉

Step 3: Go to the same employee, Take Action and Terminate – Viola !!! 😄 it happens now ! You can terminate the employee now. See screen shot below:

Now some Additional Info:

Info 1

If you are retro terminating within a week and you just want to delete couple of days’ entry, try deleting that day (until termination date) and repeat termination. See below screen shot.

After deletion, the time entries of those days are gone.

After these steps, if the termination stops with the same error message on the same external code, then there is no option but to delete the entire time sheet entry as mentioned in steps intially.

Info 2:

If the timesheet entries to be deleted are more, that mean a long retro termination it better to follow the steps mentioned below.

Sub-Step 1: Go to Import and Export Data (1) and choose Export Data (2). In the select generic object option, choose Employee Time Sheet (3). Select all data records (4) and Export (5).

Sub-Step 2: Go to Monitor Jobs and download the file MDFZIPExport_EmployeeTimeSheet_<Date> file to your local folder.

Sub-Step 3: Open the zip file and choose Employee Time CSV file. Open the excel and search for the user from the list. Copy the External Code (40 CHAR) to a notepad.

Important Note ** - Make sure you find all external code for that user until the date you want to terminate.

Copy all the needed External Codes to a note pad. Now you can repeat the step of deleting the Employee Time Sheet entries mentioned in Step 2 (not sub-step, the main steps to delete 🙂 )

Caio !

Parthiban Sukumar