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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Employee data is one of the most requested data across the organization and systems. The consumer systems are not only limited to Payroll, benefits and time management but also extend to core ERP, CRM, SRM IDM and GRC etc. We always strives to provide the complete HR data to disparate systems via our powerful APIs.

You can find details of of our existing ODATA APIs here. Apart from core personal and employment information we also have extensive APIs for extracting workflow information. It is already possible to extract the details regarding existing workflows in EC including status and steps using wfRequest and EmpWFRequest entity. It is also possible to take multiple actions on workflow including approval and rejection via existing function imports.

The missing link for workflow in case of EC person and employment entities is the pending data in a workflow which is not yet approved/rejected. In b1711 we have provided an Beta API to extract this pending data. This feature has been requested by multiple customers and partners especially for UI extension usecase. This API will allow you to read workflow for following entities

Type Involve entities
ESS PerPerson
MSS EmpJob


Like other workflow APIs, pending workflow API is also a function import. You can call it using post method, the API call look like

https://<API URL Host>/odata/v2/beta/getWorkflowPendingData?wfRequestId=<wfRequestID>L

where WfRequesID is the workflow request ID which you can also get via WfRequest API.

As a pre-requisite you need to turn the provisioning switch "

  • Old Value

  • New Value

  • Field ID

  • Field Label

  • Paycomponent (specific to paycomponent)

A sample response for a location change workflow is below:



In case of feedback or question, please feel free to use comment section.


Update: API is available as GA, you can find the documentation here