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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
In June 2023, SAP SuccessFactors new solution experience ‘dynamic teams’ became generally available. Perhaps you are hearing about dynamic teams for the first time, or you have been keeping your eye out to learn more and hear from other customers about their experience with dynamic teams.

For those that are not familiar with dynamic teams, check out this five-minute demo video to get real life examples of how the features are used and see the user experience first-hand (pro tip: the foundational feature set of dynamic teams are a part of platform meaning they are a part of your subscription!).

To provide customers with the best product experience, SAP SuccessFactors engages with customers regularly to get their feedback on product strategy, design, and functionality. During the first half of 2023 SAP SuccessFactors ran an early adopter care program for dynamic teams. The program included 35 customers from different business sectors across 20 different countries. Geoff Fetner, SAP SuccessFactors product strategy lead for dynamic teams, shares that his team collected data from the customers that were interested in interacting with the early versions of the features which directly influenced development direction. Survey polls were used to narrow down product features while interactive meetings were held to motivate customers to freely share opinions and pain points, or provide rapid, in-the-moment feedback on a new idea.

Through this collaborative and open forum, SAP customers shared how dynamic team features “allowed them to build up agile team structures that map to the real way of working beyond line management structures." Other customers remarked frequently that "dynamic teams is easy to align, a great user experience, and needed especially for agile organizations".  With the conclusion of the program at the end of June, more than 50% of the participating customers indicated that they planned to pilot the dynamic teams experience in the next 6-12 months. Customers overwhelmingly saw this as one of the best opportunities SAP provides to interact with product teams and influence product design and direction.

Providing an inclusive platform for customers to influence the product aided customer adoption of dynamic teams.  From May 2023 to July, we saw a 70% increase in the number of customers that turned on dynamic teams in preview and 114% increase in the number of customers that turned dynamic teams on in production.

The product strategy for dynamic teams continues to evolve with a focus on three core areas:
1) Helping organizations model how work is done; 2) Using skills as a driver to staff teams and 3) Connecting team-based work to talent and learning.

Learn more about dynamic teams and how to turn on in Upgrade Center here.