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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
We have RBP User to Group table report available to check on users inside a permission group. However we don't have one for User to Dynamic Group. Let us create a report to check the users inside a specific Dynamic Group or to check in which dynamic groups one user belongs to. We will use Canvas reporting for this purpose.

Navigate to Report Centre > Click on New > select Canvas.

Report Centre - Create Canvas report

Add Component Table > List Report.

Add Component

Move to Edit Component and click on Edit Query.

Edit Query

Select Advanced Reporting and click on "New" to create a new query.

Create New Query

Select User > Users Group as starting table and select Users Group Name field.

User Users Group Table

Select User Sys Id from Usrgrp Map as below.

Select User Id

Add "ectworkflow" as the static filter for User Group Subtype field from Manage Query Filter option.

Filter Group Subtype

Add Group Name and User Id as run time filters.

Run Time Filter

That's it, save the query and return. Update style settings if required.

Report Testing.

1. DG to User Report.

Go back to Report Centre and run the report. Select the required Dynamic Group(DG) name, here I have selected  "Talent Approval" as the DG name.

Select DG Name

As you can see below, 2 users are there in the Talent Approval Dynamic Group.

DG to User report

Verify the report result with DG members.

DG Members


2. User to DG Report.

If you are looking to find the Dynamic Groups in which specific user belongs, then pass the required user id as filter value.

User Id as Filter

Now we get the Dynamic Groups in which user "82094" belongs .

User to DG list

This way you will be able to review the Dynamic Groups in which an employee belongs before terminating that employee, review and add a replacement if required. Have you came across this requirement? Add comments and feedbacks.


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