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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
In the ever-evolving business landscape, to drive differentiation and improve customer experience, there is an accelerated need for digital transformation. Self-service tools have become imperative in this shift, particularly agent lifecycle management.

To improve Agent satisfaction and performance throughout the Agent lifetime Management process, SAP has been investing in updating SAP Agent Connection - a self-service tool to simplify agent operations. With the most recent update, we are excited to introduce SAP Agent Connection on SAP Build Work Zone. SAP Build Work Zone is a digital experience solution on the SAP Business Technology Platform. It allows business users to create and configure business sites using a straightforward drag-and-drop interface. In addition, it offers simple self-services for content generation and page development, fusing organized and unstructured data, thus enhancing SAP Agent Connection capabilities.



SAP Build Work Zone now powers SAP Agent Connection: SAP Agent Connection on SAP Build Work Zone provides a personalized, intuitive digital agent/agency experience that provides easy access to relevant business applications and processes, information, and communication in a unified entry point for work –with the Agent/Agency at the center.

Here are some enhanced capabilities with this release:

  • Providing a single, consistent UX for sales agents.

  • Creating a seamless environment for agents to manage daily activities and sell and provide service.

  • Supporting managers to always stay on top of their agents’ performance.

  • Ongoing and open communication and discussion, with instant feedback.

  • Knowledge sharing of top-down communication with bottom-up questions and discussion.

  • Create insights by personalizing search screens, headers, cards, and tables to meet your company's KPIs and goals.

  • No complex configuration is needed so users can focus on content.

  • Suitable for multi-platform environments and can adapt to a mobile phone or tablet as quickly as a large-screen display.

  • Allow external agents a simple way to download data.

  • Export data through CSV files, such as statement history, policies, and earnings.

  • Download data within charts and reports for ease of view and sharing

  • Allow external agents a simple way to download data.

  • Export data through CSV files, such as statement history, policies, and earnings.

  • Download data within charts and reports for ease of view and sharing.

This infrastructure modernization supports the expansion of the SAP Business Technology Platform and ​provides a future-proof foundation for your business and people transformation. In addition, SAP Agent Connection on the SAP Business Technology Platform provides a gateway for a seamless experience.

A few use cases that you can achieve include the following:

  • Seamless Onboarding: Integrate the Onboarding Process with Workflow for credential management, data capture, and built-in background checks.

  • Better Relationship Management: The administrator views and manages a book of business, hierarchies, licenses, and appointments with SAP Agent Performance Management.

  • Value Acceleration: Producers and agencies have a portal to visualize the book of business, performance, earnings, compensation, reports, and sales enablement workflow from SAP Agent Connection on Work Zone.

We are excited to deliver these new innovations and continue our commitment to our customers.  For a more comprehensive look at all our innovations for SAP Agent Connection, please visit the SAP Agent Connection | SAP Help Portal