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SAP recently announced RISE with SAPa program designed to assist customers transitioning to be an intelligent enterprise.  RISE with SAP provides a framework that allows SAP customers to select the priorities and timing for their transition, while ensuring that they can leverage the new capabilities available in the intelligent technologies from SAP, to drive better business outcomes. 

RISE with SAP is the overarching framework that will be used by SAP, customers and partners to assist customers to becoming intelligent enterprises.  There are several components to the Rise with SAP program that must be considered.  One of these components, Business Process Intelligence (BPI), is critical to ensuring that transformations allow customers to re-imagine the best possible version of their organisation and deliver that version. 

The remainder of this post will describe the importance of BPI and how Signavio and SAP Enable Now can be used to assist customers and partners to deliver maximum benefit from their business transformations.

Overview of the Rise with SAP program available on

Driving Successful Business Change through Business Process Intelligence

BPI is a significant component of RISE with SAP; it’s critical to allowing customers to leverage the new intelligent technologies from SAP and deliver the optimum outcomes from their migration.  BPI is used to:

  • Analyse existing processes to obtain a clear understanding of existing operations, including a baseline of the operations

  • Redefine the existing processes to drive efficiencies and new ways of operating by leveraging new capabilities available in the SAP Intelligent Enterprise suite

  • Transform an organisation’s operations by implementing the redefined processes

  • Monitor the outcomes of the transformation and continually optimizing the processes to drive better outcomes.

The diagram below shows the key stages of the BPI methodology and its recursive nature.  This diagram was presented by Luka Mucic (SAP Chief Financial Officer) and rouven.moratoadam

Stages of the BPI methodology

In the presentation, Luka and rouven.moratoadam by juergen.mueller (SAP Executive Board Member and CTO).

Delivering BPI with Signavio

During their presentation, Luka and rouven.moratoadam announced the acquisition of Signavio, a world class platform for the delivery of BPI initiatives.  Given the significance of BPI to successful business transformations, this acquisition provides SAP, and our customers and partners, with immediate, critical BPI capability. 

It was also announced during the presentation that SAP would immediately begin loading all best practice processes, including the new capabilities available through the intelligent technologies from SAP, into Signavio and then make Signavio available to customers and partners through RISE with SAP.  SAP customers and partners would then be able to leverage the Signavio platform and best practice processes to re-imagine and simulate their organisational operations, supported by the new intelligent technologies.

Implementing Redefined Business Processes

One of the biggest impacts of BPI initiatives is on the people effected by the changes that result from these initiatives.  These impacts can be significant and require individuals to undertake substantial learning, if they are to be effective in their new work environments.  For example, BPI initiatives may result in SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation being used to remove mundane, manual steps from a business process.  In this instance, the individuals currently performing those steps will then be available to performance higher value activities, such as analyzing information to determine trends or to identify opportunities. 

During the Reinvent the Way You Run Your Business with Business Process Intelligence session, rouven.moratoadam discussed the importance of ensuring that end users where trained and supported through the implementation of the new processes.  Rouven's view is that better business outcomes can only be achieved if the new processes are successfully deployed and this could only occur if end users understood their new role in the re-imagined organization.  Rouven outlined the importance of ensuring that end users understood the new business processes and could operate the new systems that underpin the re-imagined business operations.

Supporting End Users with SAP Enable Now

SAP Enable Now is SAP’s world-class solution for training and supporting end users of SAP and non-SAP systems.  SAP Enable Now can be used to train end users on new business processes and to teach end users how to use new system functionality, such as the intelligent technologies from SAP.  SAP Enable Now can be used to support formal learning activities, such as structure eLearning courses, and provides the capability to coach end users in application, at the time of need. 

SAP Enable Now also has an existing integration with Signavio that can be used to support the development of content for BPI initiatives.  This information can then be repurposed and deployed, through multiple channels, as a key resource to train and support end users.  The process to enable sharing of information between Signavio and SAP Enable Now is: 

Step 1. Business process structures are created in Signavio 

Step 2. The business process structures are imported into SAP Enable Now from Signavio 

Step 3. Content is created in SAP Enable Now for each of the steps in a process 

Step 4. SAP Enable Now content is assigned to the nodes of the business process structures, created in Signavio 

Step 5. The links to the SAP Enable Now content are synchronized back into Signavio from SAP Enable Now 

Step 6. Business process staff, such as Business Analysts, can access the SAP Enable Now content through the corresponding process structures in Signavio 

Step 7. The same content can be deployed to system end users through SAP Enable Now.

Integration between SAP Enable Now and Signavio

SAP Enable Now supports the development of media rich content that can be deployed in approximately 40 languages.  For example, customers and partners can use SAP Enable Now to create system Simulations to demonstrate and teach system functionality.  Content can be developed in one language and automatically translated into other supported languages, using the machine translation capability available through SAP Translation Hub.  Text to speech functionality can also be used to embed audio, in multiple languages with the correct pronunciation, into the content to enhance the learning experience for end users.

Some of the common languages supported by SAP Enable Now

Outside the ability to develop and deploy comprehensive and engaging training and support solutions, in multiple languages, to support business transformations, SAP Enable Now provides access to a substantial library of standard content that is aligned with key steps in the best practice processes.  This content, which is typically in the form of SAP Enable Now Simulations, can be used at no charge by SAP Enable Now customers and partners as the basis of the information solutions that they produce to document their new business processes and train and support their end users.


Without doubt, customers attempting to transform into intelligent enterprises must have a significant focus of BPI.  A focus on BPI enables customers to re-imagine their business operations and go to market, supported by the new intelligent technologies from SAP. 

RISE with SAP is SAP’s approach to simplifying the migration to intelligent technologies from SAP, while ensuring that customers obtain the maximum benefit from their transformations.  RISE with SAP allows customers and partners to access a world-class BPI platform, Signaviowhich underpins their BPI initiatives and provides access to SAP’s best practice business processes.  Whilst Signavio is absolutely the correct platform to re-imagine, simulate and document business processesSAP Enable Now is equally the correct platform to help customers build and retain capability in the new processes and systems being deployed. 

SAP Enable Now is SAP’s platform for developing and deploying comprehensiveengaging training and support solutions for SAP systems, including the intelligent technologies from SAP.  SAP Enable Now integrates with Signavio to maximize the benefit of any investments in content developmentincluding providing the capability to automatically translate content into approximately 40 languages for use with global transformations. 

If your organisation is considering a significant business transformation, including undertaking a transformation through RISE with SAP, ask your SAP representatives about obtaining access to SAP Enable Now to support your program.  It will help your organization deliver outstanding results as it transitions to a better version of itself.