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Product and Topic Expert
In the digital world, the technology experience is becoming the dominant employee experience. Competition for talent is high and employee technology experiences are crucial for attracting, engaging, and retaining the best people. Getting the technology experience right is important for maximizing IT investments, enabling implementation projects, and making sure your most valuable resource – your employees – have the tools they need to do their jobs. Moreover, technology experiences do more than help retain top talent – they help keep your people engaged.

SAP Qualtrics Employee Technology Experience allows you to put the voice of the employee at the center of IT decision-making, improving digital experiences and employee satisfaction.

Why technology experiences matter

Organizations across industries depend on technology to support and streamline operations, improve efficiency, and drive growth. But ensuring positive business outcomes call for more than advanced IT – they also depend on the employees who use them. It is important to understand how the technology employees interact with every day impacts their productivity, collaboration, and engagement.

By working closely together, HR and IT can identify and close technology gaps to help ensure that your investments, resources, and services are meeting employee needs. Providing better employee technology experiences creates a more engaged and productive workforce that is ready for the future.

To be sure you are delivering the right digital experiences, it’s essential to focus on listening to your employees. With a deeper understanding of their challenges and needs, you can:

  • Improve employee satisfaction with the digital tools they use to do their jobs

  • Reduce resistance to solution adoption that often hampers new implementations

  • Keep big projects under budget and on schedule to maximize business value

How do you make breakthrough IT experiences happen?

The SAP Qualtrics Employee Technology Experience solution helps you gain a deeper understanding of the everyday technology experience so that new applications and software implementations are successful and truly meet employee needs. Powerful functionality enables engagement and actionable intelligence drives continuous experience improvements. With the solution, you can deliver exceptional experiences, from support chats to software, that empower and motivate people in roles throughout the enterprise.

Whether implementing a large-scale digital transformation or evaluating existing technology effectiveness, SAP Qualtrics Employee Technology Experience enables you to improve technology experiences based on employee feedback. The solution allows you to gather and monitor project feedback from implementation teams and involved employees and connect it with operational systems. Additionally, data analysis and intuitive graphical displays provide insights into which technologies and tools increase employee productivity and job enablement.

ETX lets you capture the overall effectiveness of new deployments, including whether the technology is being used for the intended purpose or whether capabilities are missing. It enables project management success and increases transparency to help mitigate implementation risks.

The solution enables organizations to easily pinpoint priority areas for improving everyday technology experiences and reveals opportunities to improve job satisfaction and performance. Digital experiences are a critical moment in the employee journey. Interacting with employees in the flow of work enables you to gather insights on their technology experiences and drive improvements through continuous feedback.

How can your business benefit?

SAP Qualtrics Employee Technology Experience empowers you to measure, design, and improve employee technology experiences based on employee feedback. With insights collected from employee sentiment, you get a more complete picture of the employee technology experience, starting with the current relationship people have with your existing technology solutions and services. The solution enables a better understanding of where to strategically invest in IT and propose actions to enhance employee experiences, helping ensure that new implementations and existing technologies deliver optimal digital experiences. You can give your people the tools they need to perform at their best, plan future IT projects with confidence, and improve productivity as well as employee satisfaction.

How can you find out more?

Visit us online to learn more about how you can deliver engaging employee technology experiences.